Poem_Timothy Mooney

Poem_Timothy Mooney



I like trees, so lush and green
(Ghosts of Winter, Dark, and Mean)
Tall and stately, steadfast, true
(Phantom bones all cold, and blue)
Reaching up to Touch the Sky
(stealing children walking by)
Apple blossom, Maple branch
(Midnight’s when they walk and dance)
Oh! Their whisper-windy song!
(Snag you as you walk along)
Tender saplings stretching wide
(Swallow you down Deep inside)
Climb them, build a home-up-high
(Children missing, my-oh-my)
Touching God with tender leaves
(Hell-deep roots down low beneath)
Guardians of Earth and Time
(Come on up. Enjoy the climb…)
Ash and Elm and Pine and Oak
(Quiet sneaky Forest Folk)
Mom, and Dad, I’m off to play
To climb a Tree I met today.
It’s so big and tall and round
(Mom and Dad won’t hear a sound)

By Timothy Mooney

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