Wood Apple

Wood Apple

“Wood Apple is native to India and surrounding countries.

It can reach a height of around 30 feet and is planted for its fruits that are similar to bael. The fruit when ripe is rich in Vitamin A, B and some amount of Vitamin C.

There are multiple uses of this tree around Southeast Asia. The rind of the fruit is so hard that it can be carved and used as a utensil like a bowl or an ashtray. The fruit yields an oil that is used as a fragrance and a dye. A sticky layer found around the unripe seeds is used as household glue, in jewellery-making, waterproofing walls and to protect oil paintings. The sugared pulp of this multipurpose fruit is used in jams, pickles, marmalade, syrups, etc.

It is also known as Elephant Apple, Katbel in Hindi, Velaga in Telugu, Belavu in Kannada and Kovit in Marathi. ”

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