Happy Earth Day

Plant a tree now and save our only home

Every tree you plant goes a long way in sustaining a healthy ecological balance that is necessary for the survival of wildlife and human life!

About Earth Day

Every year on April 22, trees are planted, litter is cleaned up, and awareness for the issues plaguing the planet are raised.

About Grow-Trees

Grow-Trees.com is a social enterprise that is changing the way people gift and greet each other! Trees planted by you through our website can be dedicated to loved ones through an eTreeCertificate™ or eTreeCard.

Our projects are located in rural sectors of India where the decline in green cover is affecting

  • Rural communities that are dependent on forests for food, fodder, fuel and livelihoods
  • Wildlife that depend on trees for food and shelter
  • Rivers that need fortified banks to prevent flooding and soil erosion.


Where will the tree(s) be planted?

Grow-Trees.com only plants on public land through regional planting partners near our project site.

By who will the tree(s) be planted?

Grow-Trees.com will channel your contribution to the project site where our planting partners, along with involvement from members of local communities, plant saplings on public/community-owned lands.

Which tree(s) will be planted with the help of my contribution?

We encourage growing only local varieties of tree species to maintain the integrity of the land!

What social impact will the trees I plant have?

The trees that grow from the saplings planted through our platform will provide Non-Timber Forest Produce to communities living around the project site and/or protect wildlife habitats.

How do i know the tree(s) have been planted?

A year after plantation, independent auditors visit the project site to physically verify the project site and assess social impact. Excerpts of the audit reports are available on our website with project details.

How can i connect with the tree(s) planted by me?

Use the unique code given to you to locate your project!