Trees for Villagers

Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India

Project Adopted by Blue Dart Express Ltd for FY 2017-18

Project Purpose:

Trees for Rural Communities 


Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, India.


This projects involves plantation of 20,000 trees in 2017 monsoon. Project area is located in the Papagni river basin, and stretches across semi-arid district of Chittoor in Southern Andhra Pradesh. The area is located at the tri-junction of the Deccan Plateau, the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats, the area peculiarly exhibits ecological features of all three. It is marked by broken hill ranges and forest lands on the ridges, revenue wastelands and farmlands on the lower slopes, and valleys dotted with numerous irrigation tanks.

This project will plant indigenous species of trees in common lands of villages to give poor rural communities fruit, fodder, fuel and forest produce. The trees will be planted in several hectares of community protected revenue wastelands of villages Bathinigaripalle, Guttakindapalle, Gonepothulavaripalle, Ramanaikthanda at Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The consequent increase in the availability of fodder and improved flow of seepage streams owing to favourable recharge conditions, has spurred collective actions by the local residents


The tree species planted here include soapnut(Sapindus mukorossi), teak(Tectona grandis), custard apple(Annona reticulata), velaga(Limonia acidissima), neem(Azadirachta indica), maddi(Terminalia arjuna), pongamia(Millettia pinnata).


The wildlife found here includes the yellow-throated bulbul, starred tortoise, sloth bear.


Adoption Summary:

Name of the Company Number of Trees Adopted Year
SBI Life Insurance 30,000 trees FY 2016-17
Target Completed


Audit for Audit for Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, India

Audit for Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, India



A total of 50, 000 trees were planted in Madanapalle, Papagni River basin in the monsoon of 2016-2017. The basin stretches across the semi-arid districts of Chittoor & Anantapur covering approximately 95 hectares.

The planting has been carried out as per the target set for the project and the approximate number of saplings physically verified is in agreement with the numbers of saplings planted (as per the report of Grow-Trees and planting partner FES).


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