Common Name Rhododendron
Botanical Name Rhododendron kiusianum


Dwarf, much–branched shrub, 0.6–lm; young shoots covered with adpressed flattened red–brown hair. Leaves monomorphic, deciduous, ova1–obovate, 0.5–2 x 0.2–1.5cm, c.2 x as long as broad, apex acute, base cuneate, margin entire, both surfaces covered with red–brown strigose hairs; petioles 1–3mm, densely covered with red–brown strigose hairs.

Inflorescence 2–3–flowered; pedicels 5–10mm, covered with red–brown hairs. Calyx 2–3mm, indumentum as for pedicels, lobes ovate c.2mm. Corolla funne1–shaped, 5–20mm, usually rose–pink though occasionally with a wide range of colours from rose to deep purple, lobes 7–10mm; tube glabrous. Stamens 5, longer than or as long as the corolla, pubescent below the middle. Ovary densely covered with red–brown strigose hairs; style glabrous. Capsule 5–6 x c.4mm, strigose.

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