Common Name Priyangu
Botanical Name Agalia elaeagnoidea

Trees 1.5-15 m tall, to 30 cm d.b.h., evergreen. Bark greenish-white or russet, thin, exfoliating. Young branches, petioles, rachises, and inflorescences covered with scalelike stellate rust-colored trichomes, densely brown squamate, and glabrescent or densely silvery to yellowish stellate squamate. Leaves alternate to sub-opposite, 10-20 cm; petiole and rachis 3-10 cm, brown squamate, covered with scalelike stellate rust-colored trichomes when young but glabrescent; leaflets (1 or)3-7, opposite to sub-opposite; petiolules 2-13 mm, brown squamate; leaflet blades obovate, elliptic, or oblong-elliptic (3-)6-12(-16) × (1.5-) 2.5-5.5 cm, thinly papery to leathery, both surfaces glabrous or abaxially densely yellowish squamate and adaxially densely silvery squamate but abaxially sparsely lepidote along midvein, abaxially greenish-yellow when dry, adaxially lustrous, midvein abaxially prominent and adaxially slightly prominent, secondary veins 5-10 on each side of midvein, slender, and abaxially ± prominent, base cuneate to broadly cuneate and ± oblique, margin entire, apex acuminate, obtuse, or rounded.
Thyrses axillary, as long as or slightly shorter than leaves, lax, covered with rust-colored or yellowish scalelike stellate trichomes or densely russet squamate.

Flowers ca. 2.5 mm in diam. Pedicel ± as long as a flower, covered with scalelike stellate rust-colored trichomes. Calyx ca. 0.6 mm, 5-lobed; lobes rounded, outside rust-colored or yellowish lepidote. Petals 5, oblong, 1-1.5 mm, glabrous or outside yellowish lepidote, apex rounded. Staminal tube subglobose, slightly shorter than petals, apical margin entire, undulate, or 5-lobed; anthers 5, included. Ovary ovoid, densely covered with scalelike stellate trichomes; stigma sessile. Infructescences axillary, 1-3 cm, usually with 1(-3) fruit, brown squamate; bractlets conical. Fruit indehiscent, yellowish-brown when mature, subglobose, ellipsoid, or obovoid, 1-1.4 cm in diam. , persistent calyx 5-crenate, crenations triangular, brown squamate. Seeds 1(or 2) per fruit. Fl. Jun-Oct, fr. Jul-Dec.

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