Common Name Chimal
Botanical Name Rhododendron falconeri
Botanical Name  :  Rhododendron falconeri
Common Name  :   Guras, burans or laliguras




Rhododendron is a genus of 1,024 species of woody plants in the Ericaceae family. It is either evergreen or deciduous having wide distribution in Asia. In India, the genus Rhododendron is represented by about 80 species. It is distributed mainly in different regions and altitudes of Himalayas with a greater concentration in the temperate region of the Eastern Himalayas. Rhododendrons are among the most popular flowering plants that adorn the mountains with attractive flowers of different shades.

Rhododendron falconeri the falconer Rhodendron is native to the Eastern Himalayas. It is sometimes a dominant canopy tree that typically grows to 12-15 meters in height, with leathery leaves that are elliptic to obovate in shape, usually about one foot in length. Flowers are white to cream, pale yellow or pinkish with a prominent purple blotch.

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