Common Name Oak Banj
Botanical Name Quercus leucotrichophora
Botanical Name  :  Quercus leucotricophora
Common Name  :  Oak, Bani




An Oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus of the Fagaceae family. There are about 600 extant species of Oaks. The Oak is native to the Northern Hemisphere, and includes both deciduous and evergreen species. The natural habitat for an Oak range from cool temperate to tropical ecosystems in the America, Asia, Europe and North Africa. In India, Oak trees generally occur in the temperate areas of the Himalaya. The main use of the tree is as a source of fuel wood and the leaves are a good fodder to the livestock.

About 32 species of Oaks are found in the Indian subcontinent including Myanmar. Generally, locals use Oak timber for making agricultural implements beside fuel wood, timber and fodder. Oak bark is also rich in tannin, and is used by tanners for tanning leather. Many species of Oaks are under threat of extinction in its natural habitat, largely due to land use changes and unsustainable harvesting practice. Quercus leucotrichophora is an evergreen tree bearing stalked, ovate to lancolate, acuminate, serrate, leathery, and dark green leaves which are glabrous above and densely white or gray pubescent beneath. Male flowers are slender and drooping spikes. Female spikes are sessile and axillary. An acorn is solitary.

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