Common Name Bakain
Botanical Name Melia azedarach
Botanical Name :  Melia azedarach
Common Name :  Bakain




Melia azedarach has many common names, including chinaberry tree, Pride of India, bead-tree, and Indian Lilac. It is a fast-growing deciduous species in the Mahogany family, Meliaceae, native to Indomalaya and Australasia region. The adult tree has a rounded crown and can attain a height of about 40 meters in closed, moist forest condition, though it is much smaller in the cooler and drier regions in which it is sometimes grown and where is much more likely to be just 10 to15 metres tall. The main utility of the chinaberry tree is its medium density timber. It is a very important tree species for local people, providing a wide range of medicinal applications; an insecticide and repellent; a useful timber and fodder and many other commodities. It is often cultivated in many parts of the tropics for its many useful qualities. It is also a preferred species for re-forestation in its native areas because of its fast-growing nature and aesthetic crown appearance.

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