Common Name Silver Fir
Botanical Name Abies alba
Botanical Name :  Abies densa
Common Name :  Silver Fir




Abies densa is a large evergreen coniferous tree species in the family Pinaceae growing up to 40-50meter height, on mountainous terrain typically with an extremely wet climate, well-marked monsoons and annual precipitation of more than 2,000mm. It is a dominant conifer in the upper coniferous belt of the central and eastern Himalayas typically with heavy clay soils. Popularly known as the Silver fir also called the Himalayan alpine fir, it is an important component species of the mixed broadleaved-coniferous forest for the temperate region in regulating overall local ecology and maintaining endemic wildlife. It is a natural home for high dwelling arboreal fauna including the elusive Red Panda in the temperate zone. Besides its ecological significance the species also gives out a resinous essential oil and its timber are mainly used as construction wood, furniture, pulpwood and paper manufacture. The species also has medicinal properties the locals use its leaves as astringent, carminative, expectorant, stomachic and tonic and an essential oil obtained from the leaves is used to treat colds, rheumatism and nasal congestion.

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