Common Name Tooni
Botanical Name Toona ciliata
Species  :  Toona ciliata
Other Names  :  Tooni

Tooni, otherwise known as mountain cedar or red cedar is a vigorous deciduous tree in the mahogany family, growing up to 35meter height with a wide distribution throughout southern Asia from Afganistan to Papua New Guinea and Australia. It is also known as Indian mahogany. Tooni is a plant of the moist to wet tropics and subtropics, where it is found at elevations from 400 - 2,800 metres. The species has a wide range of traditional uses and is particularly valued for its timber, which is gathered from the wild and also produced in plantations. It is also preferred as an ornamental tree, especially for its flowering display; a popular avenue tree planted along roadsides in northern India.

Because of its spreading root system, it helps in soil binding ideal for moderate slope terrain. It is also a fodder species. Medicinally, the bark is used in the treatment of chronic wounds and dysentery. It also yields a resinous gum and used by local traditional healers in treating ailments.

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