Common Name Kachnar
Botanical Name Bauhinia variegata
Bauhinia is a genus of more than 500 species of flowering plants in the subfamily Cercidoiceae within the large flowering plant family Fabaceae. Most of the Bauhinia species have a pan-tropical distribution. Many species from the genus are widely planted in the tropics as an Orchid tree, particularly in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and south-eastern China. Bauhinia trees typically reach a height of 6-12 m and their branches spread 3-6 m outwards.

Bahunia variegate has lobed leaves usually are 10-15 cm across. The tree begins flowering in late winter and often continues to flower into early summer. Depending on the species, Bauhinia flowers are usually in magenta, mauve, pink or white hues with crimson highlights. Propagation of Bauhinia species is from seeds or cuttings. They thrive in alkaline soils and do not tolerate salty conditions. Full sun exposure is preferred but they can be grown under partial sun.

Bauhinia plant is of great medicinal value. Its bark is used effectively in treating Skin Ailments, Asthma. Bauhinia decoction is useful in treating Goiter, Diatebes, Thyroid problems, Tumors and Liver Diseases.

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