Common Name Ardusa
Botanical Name Ailanthus excelsa

A large polygamous deciduous lofty tree. Bark smooth, ash-colored. Leaves 30-90 cm long, abruptly pinnate, leaflets irregularly glandular-toothed, 8-14 pairs, alternate or sub-opposite, variable in shape, unequal at base, glabrous, petiolules 2-3 cm long.

Inflorescence a large lax panicle; bract minute, covered with soft hairs. Flowers small, many, slightly tinged with yellow. Bisexual flower: calyx 5 lobed. Corolla: petals 5 glabrous, ovate-lanceolate, much larger than the calyx lobes. Stamens 10, inserted below the disc, filaments glabrous; shorter than the petals. Stigma short. Male flower similar to bisexual flower but without rudimentary ovary. Fruit samara, 3-4.5 cm long and c. 1 cm broad, lanceolate, twisted at the top, red-colored, acute, seed one in the center of samara.

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