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If you plant trees in this Grove, your name along with the number of trees you plant will feature in the certificate that will be sent on December 30, 2019

-Preeti Takle

Plant in this grove - Trees for Cyclone Fani-Affected Area, Balukhanda Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, India.

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Name of the participant Message Date of contribution
Lalit (raju) gore in loving memory of Savita Gore 05 Dec 2019
Lalit Gore In Loving memory of Savita Gore 05 Dec 2019
Rahul Gore To evergreen happy memories 05 Dec 2019
Gauri Gore Love you Ma 08 Dec 2019
Neha Gupta, Ira Guha, Ankit Guha You will always live forever in our memories. I wish ira had a chance to meet you :) 08 Dec 2019
Dakshayani Sheth For the love you had for everything around. 08 Dec 2019
Mayuri Ma - Bless us all! 08 Dec 2019
Anand Miss you, Ma. 08 Dec 2019
Vijay Bhide In memory of my schoolmate Savita 14 Dec 2019
Anagha, meenal, vimal, shubham, kaumudi Love you always savita 17 Dec 2019
Mishkat, Soumya, Maya Your enthusiasm and spirit will always be with us! 19 Dec 2019
Nishigandha Sandbhor Always in our hearts! 20 Dec 2019
Anand and Nalanda Joglekar Love you always Chha Maushi! 20 Dec 2019
Vandana Desai Miss you my friend 27 Dec 2019
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