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Benefits of your Contribution

  • Opportunity to Greet with Trees® on a monthly basis at INR 85 per tree for 12 months and get Trees worth 2 months of your subscription as a bonus.
  • Choose from a wide selection of customizable eTreeCertificates® to GREET friends, family, co-workers, etc. with the trees in your TreeBank™!
  • Hassle-Free Payments (Automated monthly deductions for a subscription of minimum 1 year. On completion of 1 year, you get trees worth 2 months of your subscription in your TreeBank)
  • Select the social impact theme based project such as Trees for Wildlife™, Trees for Water®, Trees for Tribals®, etc. to plant trees.
  • Locate your Tree-Project by entering your unique Certificate Number in the 'Locate Tree Project' Feature.

Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime!®

Due to the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, it has become even difficult for the villagers dependent on daily wages to fulfill their basic living necessities. During these tough times, as we are keeping our family close, so is Grow-Trees trying to keep its families in the COVID-affected villages safe and sound. In order to help them get through this tough time, Grow-Trees.com will be providing necessity kits to 400 households that will be sufficient for a family’s meals for 20 days. In the need of the hour, Grow-Trees will be distributing dry ration equivalent to approximately 64,000 meals. As is evident, the lockdown has led to surplus migration of daily wage laborers to the villages, creating a shortage in employment opportunities. Hence, as a sustainable solution, Grow-Trees has initiated the rejuvenation of water bodies and training programs for fishery and bee-keeping to generate immediate employment avenues and create future livelihood opportunities for the villagers.

The worth of your INR 85, could be someone’s meal for a day. Subscribe Now and be a carrier of happiness to the needy. Even though the world is in a partial lockdown, there are people serving us day and night to ensure comfort in our lives. Let’s thank the doctors who are selflessly treating the extremely communicable disease, the garbage pickers who are still maintaining hygiene in the country, the policemen who are risking their own lives to save ours, and the list goes on...

If you know someone who is working to take care of the nation at this time, Greet them with our eTreeCertificate® and show that you care and value their service.

The Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime!® is a Grow-Trees.com program that enables individuals to conveniently plant one or more trees every month (For a minimum of 1 year) and dedicate them at any time (even at the last moment!) via an eTreeCertificate® to greet friends anywhere for birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali, New Year....Subscribers also get an additional bonus of trees worth 2 months of their subscription at the end of 12 months, credited to their TreeBanks.

All you have to do is decide the number of trees you wish to plant monthly to Greet or offset your carbon and fill a short form along with your payment details. The amount will be deducted from your authorized bank account/credit card on a monthly basis and will be used towards planting trees in the project of your choice. All the trees planted in this manner will be automatically credited to your TreeBank™ Account on www.Grow-Trees.com from where you can utilise them at any time to greet friends using the eTreeCertificate® design of your choice.

YOU can thus, take direct action to offset your daily carbon footprints, create rural jobs, improve wildlife habitats, prevent soil erosion, fight climate change, and now provide food to the needy! YOU can inspire others with your green action!

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