tree planter- Birthday


Gift trees equivalent to your loved one’s age. Mark your own birth each year.
tree planter- Wedding


Gift trees as blessings - Mark a union by creating a union with the planet.
tree planter- Anniersary


Mark a milestone by planting a new tree. Celebrate annually with these green gifts.
tree planter- Memorial


No better way to honour the deceased than with a sustainable gift.
tree planter- Festival


Gift a Tree to mark a special occasion.
tree planter- Achievement


Convey pride, celebrate milestones and honour achievements by planting a new tree.
tree planter- Gratitude


A simply thank you falls short sometimes. Express gratitude with this sustainable gift.
tree planter- Get Well Soon


Trees are natural healers. Show someone you care with green gifts. 

Gift With Trees

What better way to honour someone or celebrate an occasion than by gifting a tree? A living and breathing gift that lives for several decades and significantly benefits the planet. An inspiration for others to do the same. We will carry your greetings via an eTreeCertificate® to the person you are honouring to let them know about your noble gesture.

At Grow-Trees, It’s Easy!

View your Gifting History anytime by becoming a member at Grow-Trees. You can view or resend gift certificates by setting up a gifting schedule and Grow-Trees will remind you if you so choose.

To have the eTreeCertificate® delivered to you, all you need to do is put your own email address as the recipient’s email. You can then print it for framing and deliver it yourself!

Multiple Gifts, Single Transaction (save time & effort!)

You can gift trees to several people at once. We will ensure that recipients of your unique gift receive the certificate on the dates specified by you. You will receive an email letting you know when the certificate is sent.

Frame a single greeting to many people (Merry Christmas, New Year greetings, etc.). Enter the recipients’ names and email addresses, specify how many trees you would like to gift to each, and we will send out eTreeCertificates® to all with your personalized messages.

You may want to wish one friend for a birthday, another for an anniversary, congratulate a third for an achievement and greet a fourth for a festival. Do all of this through a single transaction and each recipient will get a personalized eTreeCertificate®.

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