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  • Plant real trees in public lands to honor friends with eTreeCertificates®/eTreeCards for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries....
  • Start a Grove for your own celebrations & have friends plant and greet you in the planting period you specify.
  • Plant now, "bank" your trees, & dedicate them whenever you want to greet friends; choose the design of the eTreeCertificate®/eTreeCard, pre-program dates to send them, compose your personal messages, upload your image; locate the tree-planting project you support through our "Locate-Tree" feature.
  • Your tree planting gift to the world creates jobs, benefits communities & wildlife, improves water catchment and decarbonises the world.

    Plant trees and honour with eTreeCertificates®/eTreeCards

    One to Many/One to One

    One Person Planting for One or Many Occasions(Christmas,New Year, etc.)

    Honour with Trees One or More Persons and send personalized eTreeCertificates®/eTreeCard!

    Rs 85 per tree
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    Many to One

    Many Individuals Planting for One Occasion(Wedding, Anniversary etc.)

    Start a Grove of Trees for a Person/Occasion, and allow others to add trees for the same occasion; recipient gets one personalized eTreeCertificate® from all well-wishers! Know More about Grove ...

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