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Dhruv and Ragi
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If you plant trees in this Grove, your name along with the number of trees you plant will feature in the certificate that will be sent on March 16, 2020

-Dhruv Mehta

Plant in this grove - Trees for Cyclone Fani-Affected Area, Balukhanda Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, India.

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Name of the participant Message Date of contribution
Shailendra and Maya planting 100 trees to start the grove 20 Jan 2020
Kirti Manoj Mehta Thanks for this opportunity. 20 Jan 2020
Shilpa and Raju Shah With Best Wishes 20 Jan 2020
Lavishka and kayaan Nagar Thanks a lot for the opportunity. Very nice initiative ?? 21 Jan 2020
Shani family Congratulations to both of you! 21 Jan 2020
yogesh 22 Jan 2020
yogesh 22 Jan 2020
yogesh italia Congrats on the wedding and wonderful choice of cause ! 22 Jan 2020
Ayesha Naseem and Neeraj Jat Happy to be a part of this beautiful initiative by Dhruv and Ragi. Appreciate the effort on planning this as well as the wedding. Many Congratulations Mr + Mrs and may all the trees grow stronger as your immense love and bond. 22 Jan 2020
Kaiz Asif Congratulations and all the best to both of you! 22 Jan 2020
Snehal Pachigar Love your guys enthusiasm and passion. Cannot be happier. Congratulations you two. Have a wonderful married life. 23 Jan 2020
Snehal Pachigar Lol, I meant cannot be 23 Jan 2020
Snehal *cannot be more happier lol. 23 Jan 2020
Naveen and disha Very happy to be a part of such an initiative. Love you guys !! 23 Jan 2020
Kailash Purohit and Mukta Pant-Purohit Best wishes! 23 Jan 2020
Ajay Bhatt & Vaishali Bhatt Welcome Ragi to our family 23 Jan 2020
Swapnil Krishnat Patil For mother earth 23 Jan 2020
Aparajita & Akshay God bless you guys for such a nice iniative and giving us such a nice opportunity to multiply the reason of our existence. 23 Jan 2020
Manoj Ojha Grow trees and save the planet 23 Jan 2020
Arpit Agarwal Love you Dhruv 23 Jan 2020
Leela nagar and Ishan Be blessed with life long happiness . 23 Jan 2020
Bhumi Jasani Loving and Giving back to the Nature!! 24 Jan 2020
Venu & Anand Congratulations to both of you !!! 24 Jan 2020
Gaurang and Vaishali Patel For our planet 24 Jan 2020
Ravya and Amaya Thank you trees for providing us with oxygen, food, paper, wood, compost, shelter, shed, mulch, medicine, jobs, hobbies, views and innumerable other benefits!! 24 Jan 2020
Meena Trivedi For the love of nature! 24 Jan 2020
HETAL PANDYA Congratulations to beautiful couple, good luck with your achievement. 26 Jan 2020
Rajendra and Amita Mehta All our wisdom stored in 27 Jan 2020
Jyoti Rajendra Gupta Congratulations & Best wishes to Ragi & Dharu for such nice initiative & given us wonderful opportunity to plant trees on my Birthday 27 Jan 2020
Jaymin Patel Congratulations Dhruv & Raagi for this beautiful nature cause. I can't wait to celebrate your wedding! 27 Jan 2020
Rikin Patel Thank you for some clean air to breath! 28 Jan 2020
Udit Patel Let's go green! 28 Jan 2020
Hary and Niki Gandhi We like our mother ship green! 28 Jan 2020
Apaar Nagar ??Love you Masaji-Maasi?? 28 Jan 2020
Nayan Nagar Trees give good luck ! Hearty congratulations and wishing you lots of success in future Ragi & Dhruv. 29 Jan 2020
Neel Patel Congratulations to both you!! Very good cause. 01 Feb 2020
Nirvi Nagar Congratulations and all the best to both of you! 01 Feb 2020
Jay Patel Congratulations 03 Feb 2020
Srinivasa Reddy, Arunasri and Srineha Reddy Congratulations Ragi and Dhruv, plant more trees and be ecologically responsible together forever in your marital journey! 05 Feb 2020
Mahesh Kokitkar Congratulation Dhruv !! 05 Feb 2020
Chaitanya Poluri Best of luck! 06 Feb 2020
Dhruv and Ragi We keep it rollin' 06 Feb 2020
Elzéard Bouffier Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!! 06 Feb 2020
Alpesh and Biren Patel Sending all the best vibes! 07 Feb 2020
Bhavik Patel Congratulations 09 Feb 2020
Radha Trees from our youngest and the cutest guest! :-) 10 Feb 2020
Ragi Mehta Mitra Mandali Glad that we're a part of this :) 10 Feb 2020
SWAPNIL K PATIL Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness to your new life together! Hope this wonderful journey to be filled with new adventures and lasting joy!!! Congratulations - Janet Congratulations Dhruv and Ragi! May your journey bring you more joy than you can imagine. Warmest Wishes!!! -Dragana Wish you both a lifetime of happiness together and a love that grows atronger each day!! Congratulations Dhruv and Ragi! -Angie ???????!!! ????, ??????? ?????? ?????. ??? ????????? ??? ???? ?????. ????, ????????? ???? ?????, ?????????? ?????? ???????? ????. ????, ????????????? ????. ?????? ???????????? . ????, ???????????? ???????? , ????? ??????? ??????. ????, ??????? ???. ????? ??????. ????, ??? ????? ?? ??. ??? ????????? ????. ???? , ???????? ???????? ????. ? ???????? ??????? -???????? 10 Feb 2020
Abhinav Bansal Hoping Ragi & Dhruv's beautiful wedding will forever be remembered by not just friends & families but also hundreds of local communities :) 11 Feb 2020
Shivam Tiwari Wishing you guys a long and happy future together! And kudos for such an amazing initiative! 11 Feb 2020
Sarvagya Shastri Congratulations guys! Wishing you both love and happiness :) Don't use firecrackers in your wedding otherwise I will ask for refund ;) 11 Feb 2020
Meena Trivedi Best wishes to the couple. Sending love! 11 Feb 2020
Kruti Mehta Congrats to the beautiful couple, So excited to welcome our new family member! 11 Feb 2020
Rohit and Alka Sharma Planting Trees on the occasion of our wedding anniversary. :) 11 Feb 2020
shivani and rahul sitlani best wishes 11 Feb 2020
shivani and rahul sitlani have a happily ever after both of u ?? Yagiii?? 11 Feb 2020
Tamara Biggs May your love grow in the rain and reach for the sun, just as these trees. 12 Feb 2020
Prannoy Mehta Great Initiative Druv n Ragi. Keep up the good work. 12 Feb 2020
Arpit V Patel Much need to prevent soil erosion and conserve water. 12 Feb 2020
National Indo American Museum Wishing Dhruv and Ragi eternal bliss with strong partnership, full of joy. 13 Feb 2020
Kim Congratulations Dhruv and Ragi! Best wishes to you both for a lifetime of happiness. 13 Feb 2020
Sateesh, Deepa, and Rishi Congratulations and Best Wishes. 14 Feb 2020
Dhruv and Ragi Happy Valentine's Day ! 15 Feb 2020
Shubham & Shruti Nagar Congratulations!!! 17 Feb 2020
Pankhuri Shah Phoolon Phalo ;) 24 Feb 2020
bharathi devi pragada Beautiful beginning of Happy Married Life. God Bless you for a noble gift to Nature. 25 Feb 2020
Arpit & Sanchi Congratulations Dhruv Ragi. All the best for the new phase! 25 Feb 2020
Roop & Facai Congrats Dhruv....have an awesome one 26 Feb 2020
Sagar Shah Superb to start this initiative Dhruv. Congratulations Dhruv & Ragi for the wedding! 26 Feb 2020
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