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How would you feel if we told you that you could offset the carbon emissions of your entire life by planting trees?


Tree planting is an important element in the solution to tackle climate change - trees absorb carbon dioxide and are vital carbon sinks. Planting is also quick, cheap and immediate action.

A large tree inhales 20.3 kgs of CO2 in a year and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year.


Grow-Trees enables you, from the comfort of your office or home, to plant trees with just a few clicks. Tree by tree, we can expand the green cover on Earth and make a significant impact on our planet’s health.

Based on the amount of carbon an average tree absorbs in its lifetime, you can set a tree planting goal to offset your carbon footprint.

You may want to wish one friend for a birthday, another for an anniversary, congratulate a third for an achievement and greet a fourth for a festival. Do all of this through a single transaction and each recipient will get a personalized eTreeCertificate.

The per capita CO2 emissions in India are currently around 1.2 tons per annum, expected to rise to 2-2.5 tons by 2020 and 3-3.5 tons by 2030 (Source: Economic Survey, 2009-10). Currently, the top 10% of per capita urban emissions go up to 3.5 tons p.a.

  Avg. per capita emissions To offset, plant*
Urban India 3.5 tons p.a. 350 trees
India 1.2 tons p.a. 120 trees
USA 20 tons p.a. 2000 trees
UK 9.4 tons p.a. 940 trees
China 4.6 tons p.a. 460 trees
Russia 11 tons p.a. 1100 trees


  • Average lifespan of person assumed: 80 years
  • Average lifespan of tree assumed: 40 years
  • Average carbon absorption by a tree assumed: 20 kg/ year
Former Minister of State for Environment and Forests, India, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, spoke about the contribution of Indian forests in soaking the annual carbon dioxide gas emissions:

"We have recently released a report for the first time which quantified what is the carbon sequestration that is taking place through our forest cover. Our estimators said that about 11 percent of our annual greenhouse emission is being absorbed by our forests. I am sure if we improve the quality of our forest cover, reduce the proportion of degraded forest, increase the proportion of medium and high-density forest, this 11 percent could in fact even increase."


Grow-Trees enables you to honour your friends and family by gifting the trees you plant, thereby inspiring others to follow your act, and spreading the circle of nurturing the environment.

  • Compute your annual carbon footprint and extrapolate over your lifespan. Set a lifetime tree planting goal and make your entire life carbon neutral!
  • Compute your annual carbon footprint and set an annual tree planting goal.
  • Make a particular aspect of your life carbon zero like air travel, your commute to work, computer use, electricity consumption, etc. Plant trees to offset emissions from the same.

The forest will become a home for pollinating agents like the butterflies, bees, birds and earthworms. It will help nurture the soil, fix back the nitrogen and minerals in the soil that it grows on, preserve the water table and look elegant and beautiful while doing it all.