What is Group Greeting (Grove)?

At Grow-Trees.com, we believe there is no better gift than 'Trees', planted in honour of that special one. Celebrate an event with common friends, individually plant trees and collectively dedicate a 'Grove' of Trees as a group gift. As a green gift, we have launched our latest product - The Grove. Recipients can download a certificate with personal messages of each well-wisher and privately know the number of trees planted.

Start a Grove of trees in public lands as Grove Initiator where others can join in, and not only greet your loved ones, but also give back to the environment, the community. Only the recipient (and the Grove Initiator) will know the number of trees planted by you if it is a Private Grove - the number of trees planted by each individual planter and that planter's personal message will be mentioned in one combined certificate that will be delivered by email to the recipient. The certificate will have one common message for a Public Grove. The Grove Page on our website will have individual messages from all the planters.

Plant a grove for a wedding; to welcome a new born; to congratulate the proud parents; as a graduation present; to wish a colleague on retirement; to celebrate a friend or celebrity's birthday or anniversary or achievement; to wish someone a speedy recovery...........

Pay homage to a loved one by starting a Grove. Condole with the bereaved by planting a Grove in honour of the departed.

Planting Groves - Key Features

  • Unique concept of many people planting trees for a recipient(s) for a special occasion and sending a common eTreeCertificate┬« with individual personal messages
  • Easy and convenient way to honor someone or celebrate an event with a green gift
  • Groves can be started by the recipient(s) of the eTreeCertificate┬« - the wedding couple; the parents of a new born; a bereaved family member - or by a friend of the recipient(s)
  • "Private" Groves (for personal occasions such as weddings, baby shower, etc) ensure that only recipient(s) and initiators of the Groves know the number of trees planted by any individual planter
  • "Public" Groves can be planted to honor a celebrity or public persona
  • Convey your personal message to the recipient(s)
  • No limitation on number of people or invitees who can participate in the green gift 
  • Plant as many trees as you desire
  • Grove Initiator can personalize the Grove Page by adding pictures and text 
  • Invite friends across the world to plant in the Grove from the Grove Page via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, ...
  • Recipient(s) of Private Groves can print out and frame for all times the certificate with the names and messages of the friends and the number of trees planted by each friend. Certificates of Public Groves will carry the names of all planters. 
  • Names will be displayed in the certificate in the alphabetical order of first and last name.
As with all tree plantings through www.Grow-Trees.com, the trees are planted in public lands and the plantings are audited by third party auditors. These trees provide flowers, fruit, fodder and fuel to communities and living creatures, offer shade to nomads and their livestock, give shelter to birds and animals, improve water catchment areas, and benefit posterity while decarbonising the atmosphere

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