Affiliate FAQs

  • What do I have to sell?
    Ans: You will have to make your audience Plant Trees with Grow-Trees.com either for One Time or for Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime! Program
  • Where can I share my link to get my audience on the Grow-Trees Platform?
    Ans: You can share it on any Social Media like - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email to reach your audience. However, you cannot share on gambling and adult sites. Transactions received only through the unique links created will be valid and not through any coupon or referral codes. Once you join the program, you will receive a Tutorial Video for the same. 
  • For which Models can I receive Incentives
  • Ans: You can receive Incentives on  people planting in One Time Plantation and Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime through your unique referral Link
  • Can I earn Incentives if an already registered user of Grow-Trees plants through my link
  • Ans: Yes, you are entitled to incentives if the User plants through your link for one time or if he/she takes one more subscription through your link. However, if the user comes through your link but exits without completing the transaction and then comes directly, it won’t be counted as your transaction. 
  • Can I earn Incentives multiple times from a single user?
  • Ans: Yes, as many times the user plants through your link, you are entitled to receive incentives.
  • If a user enrolls in a Monthly Plantation Program, does it result in a recurring payout of incentives every month?
  • Ans: Yes, If any user subscribes to Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime! through your link, you will be entitled to incentives for every month that the user continues to pay for the subscription.
  • If a user clicks on my link for One Time Planting or Monthly Subscription and ends up purchasing Grove does that result in an Incentive payout?
  • Ans: Currently we are incentivising only on the One Time Planting and Monthly Planting Models, hence you will not receive any incentives for trees planted in Grove through your link.
  • How many Green Ambassadors will Grow-Trees be allowing to take up this project?
  • Ans: There is no limit to the Number of Green Ambassadors or transactions for this program. However, Grow-Trees has a right to end this program whenever it decides to do so.
  • Is there any referral bonus if I refer this program to my Friends or Family?
    Ans: No, there will not be any referral bonus. You are eligible only for the incentives for the transactions happening through your unique link.
  • Is there any tax benefit for this program given?
    Ans: No tax-benefits are given on this program
  • If a user plants through my link once but if the same user comes next time directly on the website or through someone else's link, do I still get the incentives?
    Ans: You will be eligible for transactions done through your link and so if any user is coming next time on our platform directly or through any other link, you will not be eligible for Incentives. However, in case of Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime! You will receive Incentives till the user subscribing through your link. continues the subscription.
  • How and when will I get paid?
    Ans:  For the One Time Plantation: You will be paid within 30 working days after the successful transaction.
    For Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime! (Subscription) : You will be paid within 30 working days after the successful transaction.
    The payment will be credited in your account as per the details provided while Joining. If you have not provided your account details, please go to your dashboard and fill the account details.
    For More queries on:
    One Time Plantation - https://www.grow-trees.com/faqs.php
    Plant Monthly, Greet Anytime! - https://www.grow-trees.com/plant/monthly.php

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