Start A Grove

The details required in this form, help to start a grove so that you can gather your friends and make a memorable gift to the recipient of your group gift, and also to the environment and society.

Fill up these boxes as you would like to appear on the certificate.

Name under which it will be displayed on the page. The search option on the View Groves Page will locate the Grove by this name.
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Your name and friends / family / colleagues or any other person.
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Presenters will be unable to plant beyond this date. Should be at least one day before certificate delivery date.
This is the date when the certificate will be delivered by Email to the recipient

Planting Information :

Plant Trees


X Rs 85     

Total Amount : 850           Eight Hundred Fifty Rupees Only
The number of trees planted by each individual will be visible only to the Grove Initiator and to the recipient. No of trees planted by participants is visible to everyone.

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