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Sayan Sengupta
Sayan Sengupta Name of the Recipient
I have started a grove in the name of Sayan Sengupta, to keep his spirit alive. Contribute to honor his dream of Regreening the Planet Earth and help us grow the Grove.


Sayan Regreen Project

He had a vision, he had a dream. Let's all contribute to honor his dream of Regreening the Planet Earth. Help us grow the Grove. Help spread the message.

Plant in this grove - Trees for Tigers, Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India.

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Name of the participant No. of trees contributed Message Date of contribution
Shreya 10 Keeping your spirit alive! Regreening Planet Earth! 14 Sep 2019
Sharadindu Mukherjee 1 In honour of your spirit 14 Sep 2019
SHREYA I have started a grove in the name of Sayan Sengupta, to keep his spirit alive. Contribute to honor his dream of Regreening the Planet Earth and help us grow the Grove. 14 Sep 2019
Shrushti 5 . 14 Sep 2019
SgtSlipp 2 I love trees 14 Sep 2019
Anwesha Ghosh 1 As a nature lover his love for nature should be kept alive. 15 Sep 2019
Ishita Roy, Hena Roy, Rita Roy, Geeta Ganguly 6 For him and his cause we will always stand in support. 15 Sep 2019
Arya Manoj Nair 10 Happy to be part of this amazing cause 15 Sep 2019
Nimish Srivastav 2 For you! 15 Sep 2019
Nilanjana Sinha 2 Let's all join hands to make the world a better place 15 Sep 2019
Ankit Soni 1 Very nice move to spreas greenery. 15 Sep 2019
Sudesh 15 Sep 2019
Sudesh 15 Sep 2019
Paroma Bhattacharya & Anirudh Sen 27 Sayan, We Miss You. Your love for Mother Earth was inspiring. We loved the fun trip we had together when you stayed with us in LA, laughing over Bengali Didu stories, listening to great music while driving around. Loved swapping vegan inspiration with you over social media; thank you for your support and inspiration for my vegan efforts too. Your presence will be sorely missed. Planting 27 trees; 1 tree for each of the 27 incredible years you spent making Mother Earth a better place. Love Always. 16 Sep 2019
Sudesh 5 My bit to honor your dream 16 Sep 2019
Jasmyne A Raneri 27 What a beautiful idea, Sayan would love this! He will always be missed...here's to keeping his memory alive and making the world a better place just like he did. 17 Sep 2019
Shashank Kava 10 Miss you Sayan. This is my bit to keep your spirit alive. 17 Sep 2019
Swapnil Dinkar 20 We miss you Sayan. 18 Sep 2019
Rashmil Rajagopalan 5 To Sayan, and his love for everyone. 20 Sep 2019
Lasya 2 . 20 Sep 2019
Pooja S 1 - 20 Sep 2019
Shreya and Rajiv 10 21 Sep 2019
Goutam & Ratna Bhattacharya 11 Honouring your love for nature with this wonderful initiative. RIP Sayan. 21 Sep 2019
Ashutosh 15 For Sayan 22 Sep 2019
Priya Shrivastava 50 You will be missed. To a greener tomorrow. 23 Sep 2019
Tanuja Mullick 3 Live Forever. 24 Sep 2019
Pooja Dalvi 100 I promise you Sayan, I’ll always keep your spirit alive and make you proud by making the world a better place to live in with small steps. 27 Sep 2019
Supriyo and Sharbari Ganguly 12 In your honor 28 Sep 2019
Solanki Sengupta 27 For you brother. For us. For the future. 29 Sep 2019
Radhika Terde 2 Really appreciate this initiative and I am sure he is very happy. 29 Sep 2019
Indravash Chowdhury 10 To your vision to make earth more greener. Miss u. 29 Sep 2019
Quadeer Shaikh 5 For this amazing cause 29 Sep 2019
Ajit Jaiswar 50 My bit towards Sayan's dream. 01 Oct 2019
Mithun Muralidharan 5 For Posterity:) 01 Oct 2019
Swati Nair 23 For Sayan and for the planet :) 01 Oct 2019
Apurv Agarwal 5 For the cause and greater good 02 Oct 2019
Radhakrishnan Parameswaran 11 In memory of Sayan 02 Oct 2019
Trupti Pange 2 More green 02 Oct 2019
Mohit Talwar 10 My deepest condolences 02 Oct 2019
Sayesha Anand 2 The one with the spirit of a hero ???? 03 Oct 2019
Roshni Kaushik 5 Happy to contribute to such a good cause!! 06 Oct 2019
Ahona & Swati 5 We are proud of you. 08 Oct 2019
Kamakshi Bharathan 10 Only the brave, kind hearted and pure souls can do what Sayan did. We never met but your sister is the bravest person I know. I hope you are happy and at peace wherever you are. 10 Oct 2019
Jishnu Rajeev 10 For Sayan Bhai, We Hope These Trees Grow Forever In Your Remembrance. 12 Oct 2019
Pratik Ashwekar 15 For you brother 01 Nov 2019
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