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By CRISIL FOUNDATION FAMILY Like the smell of the rain, you are now one with Mother Earth … Though it was time to trade, your feet for wings… Your spirit still lives on, we can see you in each new dawn. 11 Jun 2021
Jyoti Parmar You are a beautiful soul and your thoughts will always be in my heart. 11 Jun 2021
Amita Abichandani You will always be with us Mridhul. Love you 11 Jun 2021
Sanjukta Kashyap You will be missed, Mridhul.....stay happy wherever you are!!! 11 Jun 2021
Sunita Dear Mridhul , You made a great difference in the limited time you were around. You went too soon but hoping your legacy continues with this tribute for you. May you be in peace wherever you are. 11 Jun 2021
Sid You have gone far too soon, may your soul be in peace ?? 11 Jun 2021
Sid 11 Jun 2021
Siddharth Shah You have gone far too soon, you will be missed. 11 Jun 2021
Manoj Navalkar Some Kashmiri saffron got lost, leaving its fragrance behind.... A wonderful soul melting distance, boundaries and diffidence, just by a flash of that sweet smile.... 11 Jun 2021
Manoj Navalkar In memory of a Sweet Soul 11 Jun 2021
Karina Monteiro Still getting used to thinking and speaking about you in the last tense. Your legacy lives on. Rest in peace. 11 Jun 2021
Paavni Chogtu You will always remain in our thoughts, in our talks and right close to our heart where you actually belong ?? Until we meet again ?? Love you Didi 12 Jun 2021
Pooja Chogtu Kaul Dear Mridul, One day you’ll see all along you were blooming... it’s not the length of time we spent but the foundation/fragrance you left behind. 12 Jun 2021
Sharda Sharma Gone too soon..you will stay in our memories always 12 Jun 2021
Surender Pandita Live for others 12 Jun 2021
Deepika Mugloo Will Always Miss You ? 12 Jun 2021
Rajani Ranjan May you rest in peace in the Heavens above. You will be missed. 12 Jun 2021
Pranav Patel Rest in peace, Mridhul. 12 Jun 2021
Sheetal Farewell my friend, until we meet again somewhere, someday cherishing the same sky, smiling the butterfly way!! And to live in the hearts you left behind, until we meet again. 12 Jun 2021
Mayank Love u my sweet angel n miss u 12 Jun 2021
Aishwarya U will always be in our memories, that lovely smile, those guitar lessons, those dieting tips, Woh short stories Jo Kabhi poori hi Nahi hui, miss you badly, still can't believe that will never be able to meet you again. Miss you 12 Jun 2021
Shalini Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. 12 Jun 2021
Jharna Gurung You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will always speak of a great person that you were. Rest in peace up in the heaven, Until we meet again, Mridhul. 12 Jun 2021
Amulya Tirkey You dwell in my mind, you dwell in my heart. A darling I will again, never find. I'll miss you till we meet again ?? 12 Jun 2021
Shilpa Dhar Bakku (as we know you that way) you're doing a great job up there. Even God needed her best child to help him in the heaven. To now and forever.... Love you!! 12 Jun 2021
ekta kaul Dearest Mridhul, May the roots of this tree spread strong and grow deep, just as your love did for every soul you touched. 12 Jun 2021
CHARU GABA The purest soul I have ever found in my life. U will be always missed Mridhul and we will definitely meet again. 12 Jun 2021
SynergyConnect Family Mridhul, your liveliness, lives on in the memories of all those whom you touched upon, loved, cared creating a permanent imprint and difficult to erase, you have been a beautiful soul... 13 Jun 2021
Sudhiranjan Banerjee, Laboni Mittra Even though it was for a short time, Mridhul, you spread laughter and joy in our lives and made us part of your life. You shall always be in our hearts and remembered fondly. 13 Jun 2021
Chetna razdan You will b part of my life,heart and soul everyday ! Love u my lady love 13 Jun 2021
ANIL/SUNITA RESHI Mridul deserves to remain alive on this planet 13 Jun 2021
Anuj Saxena Your presence will always be felt in our memories 13 Jun 2021
Taran Keep shining “star” 13 Jun 2021
Rita Sadhoo You will always be missed and forever you will be in our hearts with your beautiful smile like fresh breeze 13 Jun 2021
Sheshi Dulloo My dearest niece Mridhul - still don’t believe you have left us - you are with us always in our hearts as a smiling loveable, caring girl. 13 Jun 2021
Sunita reshi Mridhul stay happy where u r 13 Jun 2021
Paavni Chogtu I miss you so much Didi 13 Jun 2021
Manish Chogtu Love ya loads Baku !! You will always be in our hearts my little sister ... Miss you tons and tons. 13 Jun 2021
Ashish Mridhul we all are missing you where are you. ?????? 13 Jun 2021
Rita kaul Dear Mridul you came & went away as a beautiful butterfly in our lives. Each flower that you interacted with , misses you today! We will miss your energy, laughter & love always but your aura will remain there forever! 14 Jun 2021
Upasana Maurya We discussed so many plans all will be pending now. Never thought that you will leave us like this. May your soul rest in peace. Will always miss you. 14 Jun 2021
Sameer Shinde Let Mrudugandha be reminder of the calm and polite and the life and energy that Mridul was. Although the moments we interacted were less, it was sufficient to you have your place carved permanently in our hearts and memories. 14 Jun 2021
Novopharm Family, Vadodara A good person has stopped beating, a good soul soared to heaven. 14 Jun 2021
Vaibhav Kaul Rest in Peace 14 Jun 2021
Maya Vengurlekar Dear Mridhul, you brightened up the Foundation bay with your laughter & exuberance. You will be always missed. 15 Jun 2021
Vidhushi Prabhakar Dearest Bakli, our shining star and guiding light you have gone too far too soon.We would have never thought of this separation in our wildest of dreams . May you be at peace my darling doll life is not the same but you always wanted ma n didu to be smiling n strong so just for u we are being strong n happy.My doll be in peace n be happy where ever u are ? 18 Jun 2021
Inderjit Dulloo Love 18 Jun 2021
Sarla Satish Chogtu Gone from our sight, never from our heart. We miss you Our darlingBakul. It is not easy but we are trying... 19 Jun 2021
Lata & Jai K Kotru Our dearest Mridhul beta... The legacy you left us is of happiness and love. And that will shine forever from the skies above. Now in heaven you are an Angel just as you were on this earth. Mummy and Papa miss you so much and love you even more! 22 Jun 2021
Vikram Kotru Those we love don't go away... they walk beside us every day! Celebrating each year of your life with the countless memories and the priceless moments that you have created for us to live on. With pride and joy and love, I speak your name... though life will not be same again. I love you Ashkim.... Always! 22 Jun 2021
Pratik Kochar You will always be missed, Rest in peace dear.. 23 Jun 2021
Saurabh 23 Jun 2021
Deepti Sharma From the little interaction we've had, I've found you to be a fun loving and caring person. May you brighten the place wherever you are 23 Jun 2021
Mukesh gurjar tungi lalsot rajasthan Mukeshgurjarhoppi@gmail.com 23 Jun 2021
Mukesh kumar yadav Miss you always ma'am 23 Jun 2021
VIVEK KOTRU It is not the length of life, but the depth of life. All our love dear Mridhul. 25 Jun 2021
Pradip Das Mridhul, you will always remain in me and Anubhuti's heart. You were a great person and you have left indelible mark on our lives. We love you Mridhul always. 25 Jun 2021
Mohd Umar Rest in peace 25 Jun 2021
Dr Richa Singh Dear Mridhul, will always remember you and your joyful attitude. It was a pleasure to be around your positivity. Find peace and happiness my friend. 26 Jun 2021
Sunil Raina You will always remain in our hearts..Love u sister. 26 Jun 2021
K K Koul and Nirja Koul Rest in peace, you will always stay in our hearts. 27 Jun 2021
Razia and Shabir Mir Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever. RIP Mridhul 27 Jun 2021
Tania Mridhul, we may not be able to say good bye to you ever, as you will love in our hearts always with your fond memories. Take care and we all love you. 28 Jun 2021
Bharat & Yukti You will always be missed 28 Jun 2021
Ankita Suden May your soul rest in Peace, Mridhul 28 Jun 2021
Pardeep Parjapati mridul mam you were the best and unique you will always be in our hearts 29 Jun 2021
Krithika Murali and Abhishek Neelakantan Dearest Mridhul - Your effervescent energy and laughter was always a source of inspiration. You will always be missed. I am sure you are in a happy place. 29 Jun 2021
Vinod Saraf Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer. 29 Jun 2021
Ajaruddin 29 Jun 2021
Ajaruddin Your place cant be filled . you were really a great personality 29 Jun 2021
Ajaruddin 29 Jun 2021
Poonam Devi We miss you a lot Maam. May your soul rest in peace 29 Jun 2021
MRUDGANDHA Always miss u 29 Jun 2021
Poonam Sharma OM Shanti OM 29 Jun 2021
Zahir Abbas You will always be remembered.. 29 Jun 2021
Arjun Rajbhar Contributed to Mrudgandha - memorial plantation for Mridhul 29 Jun 2021
You will remain always in our heart 29 Jun 2021
Vinod Saraf 29 Jun 2021
Pardeep Parjapati mridul mam you were the best and unique you will always be in our hearts 29 Jun 2021
Sunil kumar Vacuum will be never filled 29 Jun 2021
Poonam from Sirsi Mam,aap ko bhut miss krenge hmesha 29 Jun 2021
Parveen kumari PLANT THE TREE SAVE THE EARTH 29 Jun 2021
Neelam panchal aap hmesha hmare sath rhoge mridul mam 29 Jun 2021
Gautam R Gondil Mridhul dear - you were an angel every moment of your life here and an even brighter Light now, continuing to lend your love to every heart you touched. 29 Jun 2021
Suyog Hey Mridhul, Keep shining like a star and smiling the way you always were! You will be missed my friend ?? 02 Jul 2021
Pooja 11 Jul 2021
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