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-Rajeswari Vachali

Plant in this grove - Trees for Urban Landscape, Delhi, India.

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By Rajeswari Vachali May your memories live forever with these trees. 04 Jan 2022
Rajeswari I am starting this grove in memory of KP Vachali to remember him and celebrate his life. His love for greenery has inspired me to start this grove in Delhi - a city he lived in and loved. If you would like to contribute to this grove in his memory, we would be honoured. 04 Jan 2022
Pushpa Sukurajan I am praying for you my son! 04 Jan 2022
Muddappa Miss you Vachali. I am sure you will watch us from above as a Shining Star 04 Jan 2022
N RAMAKRISHNAN KP, your memory will linger with me forever.Keep smiling KP 04 Jan 2022
Karthik Viswanathan May your memories live on here 04 Jan 2022
Gayathri Great cause for a humble soul. May you bless all of us and will be in our memories forever. 05 Jan 2022
Shailaja & Vathsa Friends are our treasure 05 Jan 2022
R.Ramaprabhu Mr.Vachali a true nature lover was a very good person and I cherish his memories. A great person with whom I had interacted. 05 Jan 2022
Anu Kunnath & Anoop Narayanan Uncle, you are such a great personality and your memories would always be treasured 05 Jan 2022
J Paul David Vimal I will forever cherish the moments of having a fantastic Boss like you. 05 Jan 2022
Ranjit, Sangeetha, Sanjana, Akilan, Kriya, Kayilan . Good gesture for the great person's memory 05 Jan 2022
Piyoosh Lodha We miss you Vachali Sir! 05 Jan 2022
U K Menon Miss you Pusph! From Sunrise to Sunset, every moment would have been more wonderful if you were here! Your memories will never be forgotten!!! 05 Jan 2022
Binu Kunnath , Pradeesh and Nikky We deeply miss you Pupajumamma. Your memories will live on as these trees blossoms and grows. 05 Jan 2022
Meena 05 Jan 2022
Suresh Kumar Pushapraj you are always in our thoughts and prayers, I can still hear your singing...amazing. 05 Jan 2022
Udayan Damodaran Keep guiding us from top 05 Jan 2022
ANNAPOORNA EMJAY May your calm and loving nature enhance this green grove and spread peacefulness 05 Jan 2022
Sandeep Leo Rest in peace Mr. KP 05 Jan 2022
NANTHAKUMAR shanmugam Will cherish Mr. Vachali’s deeds. 05 Jan 2022
Nithya 05 Jan 2022
Nithya Your kindness, affection and perpetual willingness to help will always remain evergreen in our memory 05 Jan 2022
Jayant John We will miss your mentorship sir 07 Jan 2022
Parthojit Roy 🙏 07 Jan 2022
Vivek Menon May his soul Rest In Peace 07 Jan 2022
Vivek Menon May your soul rest in peace 🙏 07 Jan 2022
Yadav & Malvika Miss you 08 Jan 2022
Surya Ramdev , Sonu I wanted to contribute in the memory of my brother who helped me and stood by me through thick and thin. 08 Jan 2022
Varsha Santhosh, Vaibhav Santhosh, Sarvesh Santhosh, kP Santhosh, CP Pradeep, Krishnaveni Miss the calm and ever smiling face 08 Jan 2022
Soumitra Saha Be happy wherever you are KP! 09 Jan 2022
Ajith Mathew Will always miss you Vachali sir 09 Jan 2022
Gopalakrishnan Anantanatarajan In memory of Pushparaj Vachali. 10 Jan 2022
Shailaja You will always be in our memories Pupaj. 10 Jan 2022
Shailaja and Dilip and Family You will always be in our memories Pupaj 10 Jan 2022
Pallavi Vachali Love you Dad 💜 I can still hear you give us your advice when we need it and watching us from up above. 11 Jan 2022
Chef Talwar & Family We miss you a lot. We always pray for you. 11 Jan 2022
Reema ArunKumar Uncle, your memories would remain with us forever. 11 Jan 2022
Sushil Tayal Miss you Pushp! You have been our friend, guide, philosopher and a pillar which we know can always lean on.. even today you are with us.. though not physically!!. 12 Jan 2022
cris To a true nature lover and a great human being. 14 Jan 2022

If you plant trees in this Grove, your name along with the number of trees you plant will feature in the certificate that will be sent on January 13, 2022

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