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Sunil Sahib Jhangiani
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Plant in this grove - Trees for Tigers™, Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India.

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Mala Misha Navin Isha Shanon Urvashi Amish Jhangiani The Radha Krishen Grove Has Been Dedicated To Sunil Jhangiani For Eternal Love Today Tomorrow & Forever 24 Aug 2018
Suresh, Kavita and Shawn Jhangiani In loving memory of my brother, Sunil Jhangiani (5 Dec 1950 - 8 Aug 2001) who was born in Jabalpur, the land where the Narmada river flows. A down to earth, warm man who protected and loved our family and had a zest for life. - Suresh, Kavita and Shawn Jhangiani. 27 Nov 2018
Anju, Sushil, Simrin, Samica, Sherra Jhangiani Like branches on a tree, family may grow in different directions but our roots remain as one. You were the root to our family tree. Through our love for you, you live forever. 100 trees, a living memorial of Sunil Jhangiani 03 Dec 2018
Shanon Isha Yogi Jhangiani Papa (Sunil Jhangiani) - from the strength of a tiger, to the wisdom and stability of the trees, you encompass everything good in this world and more. You are always with us, the root from which all of our branches grow. You sustain us, nurture us and bless us every second of every day. Your smile is etched into our hearts forever and your strength has been passed down to our beautiful family. There are no words to describe our love and gratitude for you. Love you forever Papa in every realm of this universe. - Shanon Isha Yogi 03 Dec 2018
Mallika Punwani I wish I got to meet you, Sunil Uncle, but I'm lucky that I get to see the wonderful person you were through your incredible family. We love you always and forever. 04 Dec 2018
Mala & Ravindra Punwani Though we have not met, we have always felt connected to you. With your blessings, guidance & inspiration, our families are united. We love you. 04 Dec 2018
Pooja (Anita) and Vijay Assomull Jessica and Avin Assomull Priya and Yovan Assomull Rishika Assomull Our much loved Sunil, Your winsome smile, kind gestures and spirited personality conquered the world. May you continue to grace its surface. Pooja (Anita) and Vijay Assomull Jessica and Avin Assomull Priya and Yovan Assomull Rishika Assomull 5 December, 2018 04 Dec 2018
Misha, Navin, Rehan, Krishaan, Sahaana and Samaiya In loving memory of my father, Sunil Jhangiani- my first love and my forever hero. With Love, Misha, Navin, Rehan, Krishaan, Sahaana and Samaiya 04 Dec 2018
Shanon Isha Yogi Jhangiani 04 Dec 2018
Urvashi and Amish Jhangiani Source of our strength, love of our lives, beat of our hearts… Papa, you are so much more than a father to us. You are our roots - grounding us with all the priceless values and lessons you taught us. You are the bark of our family's tree â€" keeping us steadfast and strong, never letting us doubt ourselves for one second. You are the branches - keeping our family connected no matter where we go. You are the leaves - enveloping us in your shade, keeping us protected and safe. You are the flowers â€" always reminding us that life is beautiful, all we have to do is stop and look around us. In life and after, you are our angel, our light and our guide. Your spirit will always live on. Always thinking of you, missing you and celebrating you. We love you so much - Urvashi and Amish 04 Dec 2018
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