Ten B'day 2019

  • TreeCertificate Delivery Date - February 27, 2020
  • You can plant trees till - February 26, 2020
  • Started by - Priyansha Ranjan
  • Location - Trees for Elephants, Jharkhand, India
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Plant in this Grove

Trees for Elephants, Jharkhand, India   (You can plant upto 89930 Trees)

Rs 85 per tree

Total Amount : Rs 85 Eighty-Five Rupees Only
The name entered here will appear in the list of planters in the certificate [in the alphabetical order of the first name (or if it is an initial, the first initial), followed by second word (or if it is an initial, the second initial), followed by the next word], as well as in the Grove Page under 'Planters' – '&' will be read as 'And'.
Please type your personal message which will appear on the Grove Page under 'Planters' and not in the certificate.

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  • Indian 10velys

    To our Hero our pocket boy. ten

  • Taniya Waghmare

    For our talented boy Ten's birthday

  • Soni Rana

    Ten! Thank you for always making us smile!! Indian 10velys love you!!!

  • Saumya A

    For talented Ten of NCT & WAYV

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