In loving memory of Shiraj

  • Delivery Date - March 01, 2019
  • You can plant trees till - February 28, 2019
  • Started by - Neha
  • Location - Trees for Tigers, The Periphery of Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India
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Plant in this Grove

Trees for Tigers, The Periphery of Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India   (You can plant upto 47419 Trees)

Rs 85 per tree

Total Amount : Rs 85 Eighty-Five Rupees Only
The name entered here will appear in the list of planters in the certificate [in the alphabetical order of the first name (or if it is an initial, the first initial), followed by second word (or if it is an initial, the second initial), followed by the next word], as well as in the Grove Page under 'Planters' – '&' will be read as 'And'.
Please type your personal message which will appear on the Grove Page under 'Planters' and not in the certificate.

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  • Friends & Colleagues

    He was so full of love that God made him an Angel.

  • Dilkhush Bapna

    Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us everyday.

  • Reshma Sailesh Vihaan

    I knew him only from my sister Deepika but I am sure he was a wonderful soul!

  • Sneha Desai

    He was the best leader anyone will ever get...He is truly being missed by all.

  • Devishree Pawar

    Rest in peace Shiraj

  • Nitin kadam

    In the fond memory of a Intellectual Genius and a great human being! Shiraj kavthar. You will always be remembered!

  • Somidh

    We never understand the real value of someone, until that someone becomes a Memory - RIP Shiraj Kavathar

  • Abhijit Sengupta

    I recently lost my friend, mentor, and life coach. Shiraj was always there for me with advice when I needed it. I understand how painful it is to lose someone very special like Shiraj.

  • Sweta

    You are dealy missed Shiraj

  • Pavitra Shetty

    You will always be alive in our thoughts, conversations and memories!

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