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Virat Gokhale
Virat Gokhale Name of the Recipient
Hello everyone!
As you know, Virat will turn 1 year young on 16th July, 2019. 😊
For this special occasion, while we have made some amazing plans for his birthday, we have also made an amazing plan for a gift!
We are gifting him a 'Grove' - a patch of forest which currently has 10 trees that will be planted on our behalf.🌳
We would love to have you join in and make this grove big, bigger and biggest! 🌳🌳🌳
After all, the kids of today need fresh air, water and soil, more than any of the past generations. So what could be a better gift for these future Earthlings?
It will take only Rs. 85 to plant one tree in this grove and we will be very happy if you can donate your entire gift money towards this cause. You have till 31st July to contribute towards this cause.
For more information, please check out the Project Details on the page. ⬆️
A plastic toy may entertain him only for the next few months, but a patch of forest, that grows every year on his birthday and other special occasions, will be a gift to not only him, but to the entire humanity.
Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past generations. Let's teach our children to live sustainably. We have only one Earth after all! 🌍
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts🙏
Richa, Shreyas and Virat

P.S. A friend of ours works with this company and hence we know the credibility of this project. We have gone ahead with this idea after a lot of research and cross-questioning. 😉

-Richa Karve

Virat's Paradise

Plant in this grove - Trees for Cyclone-Affected Area, Balukhanda Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, India.

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Richa & Shreyas Wish you a very Happy Birthday dearest Virat! Here's hoping for a greener future and a better planet for you to live on! With love from - Aai & Baba 11 Jun 2019
Shreya Akshay Gadgil Dearest Virat..wishing you the happiest bday..you are the apple of our eyes..Wishing a greener and healthier future for you ahead! May God bless you with all that you deserve and more..we love you loads and more than you will know..😘 Yours, Shreya Mavshi and Akshay Kaka 16 Jun 2019
Meena Vishwanath Karve Wish you a wonderful life on greener earth. Stay blessed. Live long, happy and healthy. Stay blessed always. Loads of love to our bundle of joy. from Aaji and Aaba 16 Jun 2019
Rajkumar singh Happy birthday virat 😘 16 Jun 2019
Ketki Sapre Happiest birthday, Virat! You're very special and an apple of your crazy aunts' and uncles' eye! Lots of love and hugs to you..Best wishes always.. 16 Jun 2019
Harshana Uchil Happy First Birthday Virat..harshu maushi and yadnesh kaka love you a lot..muuuaah..God bless you always.. 17 Jun 2019
Richa Thank you very much Ajji, Abba, Shreya Mavshi, Akshay Kaka, Harshana Mavshi, Yadnesh Kaka, Ketki Mavshi, Priya Mavshi n Rajkumar Kaka for making my future a bit more greener! Your contribution means a lot to my entire generation! ~ Love, Virat 🙏❣️ 17 Jun 2019
Ved n Rudra Salil Bhave A very very happy Birthday Virat and greener and beautiful planet for all of us. Enjoy your Special birthday. 29 Jun 2019
Annapurna Yelkaraju Wishing a Happiest N Greener Bdayyy Virat !!! from Annu Mavshi 29 Jun 2019
Prachi Karve Happiest Birthday Dearest Virat!! May you have a cleaner, greener and a very bright future! Keep smiling! Lots of love, always. - Prachi Mavshi & Siddharth Kaka ♥😘 06 Jul 2019
Devashree Batham Happy Birthday lil one! May you be as environmentally aware as your super smart mom! 12 Jul 2019
Shrutee Acharya Happiest birthday cutiepie. May the grass be greener at your side too ♥️😀 17 Jul 2019
Siddharth sinkar Save the trees save the planet 17 Jul 2019
Aarvi Joshi Happy Birthday to Virat 18 Jul 2019
Prasad Mujumdar Happy Birthday dear Virat.. Blessings from Prasad Mama and Madhura Mami..!! 18 Jul 2019
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