Virat's Paradise

  • TreeCertificate® Delivery Date - August 01, 2019
  • You can plant trees till - July 31, 2019
  • Started by - Richa Karve
  • Location - Trees for Elephants, Jharkhand, India
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Virat's Paradise

Plant in this Grove

Trees for Elephants, Jharkhand, India   (You can plant upto 87104 Trees)

Rs 85 per tree

Total Amount : Rs 85 Eighty-Five Rupees Only
The name entered here will appear in the list of planters in the certificate [in the alphabetical order of the first name (or if it is an initial, the first initial), followed by second word (or if it is an initial, the second initial), followed by the next word], as well as in the Grove Page under 'Planters' – '&' will be read as 'And'.
Please type your personal message which will appear on the Grove Page under 'Planters' and not in the certificate.

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  • Richa & Shreyas

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday dearest Virat! Here's hoping for a greener future and a better planet for you to live on! With love from - Aai & Baba

  • Shreya Akshay Gadgil

    Dearest Virat..wishing you the happiest are the apple of our eyes..Wishing a greener and healthier future for you ahead! May God bless you with all that you deserve and more..we love you loads and more than you will know..😘 Yours, Shreya Mavshi and Akshay Kaka

  • Meena Vishwanath Karve

    Wish you a wonderful life on greener earth. Stay blessed. Live long, happy and healthy. Stay blessed always. Loads of love to our bundle of joy. from Aaji and Aaba

  • Rajkumar singh

    Happy birthday virat 😘

  • Ketki Sapre

    Happiest birthday, Virat! You're very special and an apple of your crazy aunts' and uncles' eye! Lots of love and hugs to you..Best wishes always..

  • Harshana Uchil

    Happy First Birthday Virat..harshu maushi and yadnesh kaka love you a lot..muuuaah..God bless you always..

  • Richa

    Thank you very much Ajji, Abba, Shreya Mavshi, Akshay Kaka, Harshana Mavshi, Yadnesh Kaka, Ketki Mavshi, Priya Mavshi n Rajkumar Kaka for making my future a bit more greener! Your contribution means a lot to my entire generation! ~ Love, Virat 🙏❣️

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