In loving memory of Mr. Janak P Shah

  • TreeCertificate® Delivery Date - May 03, 2019
  • You can plant trees till - May 02, 2019
  • Started by - Pradip Shah
  • Location - Trees for Elephants, Singhbum, Jharkhand, India
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Janak Shah Memorial Grove

Janak Shah was born in Mumbai on November 11, 1946. He schooled in Bombay, then joined VJTI in the Civil Engineering department, graduating in 1968. He married Pushpa Asarpota in 1971. With his uncle Pramod Javeri and his father-in-law Murlibhai Asarpota, they had a real estate development business. He then founded Shah Foods Limited and ran it till his passing on April 2, 2019. He mentored his son Nirav in the intricacies of biscuits and foods manufacturing.

He was a man of wide interests, passionate about the environment, an advocate of reduce, reuse, recycle, very interested in new technologies that could help farmers or manufacturers, and made it his mission to spread awareness of environmental good practices and technological innovations through Whatsapp groups that he mentored and administered. Known for his lofty principles and utmost integrity, he will be deeply missed.

  • Pradip Shah planted 10 bountiful trees

    Like you shared knowledge, these trees will selflessly share flowers and fruits, enhance water catchment, improve wildlife habitats and make the world a better place

  • It's a shock. May the soul has a blissful journey - Medha Joshi

  • ઈશ્વર આત્મા ને શાંતિ અર્પે - Pragnesh

  • Rakesh Kanjani planted 10 bountiful trees

    Let's fulfill his mission of Green & Healthy India.

  • Kuntal Asarpota planted 10 bountiful trees

    You were a true technocrat, always very eager to read, understand, learn and share new things about nature improvement, technology, development in India, equity markets, wealth creation, personal health improvement and the list goes on. You will be missed dearly

  • Chirag Ghai, Ritika Jain planted 10 bountiful trees

    I will always remember you for your wisdom and deep knowledge across a variety of topics. We always felt comfortable in your presence and will miss you and your personable presence.

  • Gita Asarpota planted 10 bountiful trees

    Soul May fly away but memories remain. You will always be missed, your smile will be remain in our hearts and minds ... may you fly away to peace...

  • Ramesh Shah planted 5 bountiful trees

    Your way of keeping everyone updated on all current issues would always be remembered. We all will miss you.

  • Kunal

    It's a shock !!! Sir you will be remain in our hearts

  • Jagmohan & Vinita Khanna, Vipin & Pooja Khanna planted 20 bountiful trees

    Janak Bhai was an amazing person & it was always a pleasure to meet him & have a conversation with him. God bless his soul 🙏 🙏. He will be missed immensely 🙏🙏

  • Janakbhai was such a warm and family-oriented person. I remember that during my visit to Ahmedabad in 2013, he was such a hospitable host. I talked to him last month when I was in Mumbai. We chatted about a host of topics he was interested in. He encouraged me to stay in touch via social media. MAMTA & HIMANSHU CHOKSI

  • I have been absolutely shocked to know the sudden and sad demise of Janakbhai. While I pray for the departed soul for an eternal and peaceful journey to the heavenly abode, I also ask the Almighty to give strength to you in particular and the close-knit Shah Family to bear the loss of their beloved and eldest brother. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Anjali & Sudhin Choksey Family.

  • I have such fond memories of him, and of his curiosity on so many subjects, for curating so many memories via pictures over the years...We will miss him dearly. KUNAL & ANGELA PAREKH

  • May God give the strength to the family to bear the loss of a dear one. May his soul rest in peace. Ami Mukul and Aryan.

  • Extremely sad to hear this news our condolences to the family. Jayshree & Shreyas Sheth

  • We are heartbroken at the news of beloved Janak mama's passing; especially my mother, who raised her brothers as her own kids. Rest in peace, sweet, wonderful Janak mama. We shall miss you dearly. Vibha, Samira, Juliana

  • Heartfelt condolences to the entire shah family we will miss his presence and his posts may his soul RIP. MADHAVI & MADHU SHETH

  • Kunal Asarpota planted 10 bountiful trees

    Will miss those tea time discussions in office...RIP

  • Animesh

    May Mr. Janak Shah's soul rest in peace..... from all at IndAsia

  • Tribute from Environment Conservation Group
    There is no besna. The family has decided to plant trees or do something which was his philosophy to life. Let us all get together and plant trees somewhere as a tribute to him... Vidisha
    Omg...Hats off to the whole family. Will surely honor the wishes...Biplab K P
    OM SANTI 🙏Please inform the group about his Besana...Rohit Shah
    🙏🙏🙏RIP🙏🙏..Rakesh Mehta
    You were an inspiration to all of us. RIP... Manorama Pani
    Great.Let Us work & spread his idea...Rohit Shah

  • DEEPAK SABNANI planted 10 bountiful trees


    We as a team at Grow-Trees; lost a mentor who always used to share valuable inputs to motivate us to do good for the environment. Janak Sir will be dearly missed!

  • Paresh

    In the loving memories of Shri Janakbhai ,my Swimming pool friend.Loved to talk with him in Ellisbridge gymkhana Garden sipping lemon Tea. May his soul rest in peace. My Condolence to entire family.

  • Vibha, Samira, Juliana, Kunal, Angela and Ryan Parekh planted 100 bountiful trees

    May these trees become a grove and a forest and provide life in honor of Janak who had a deep appreciation for nature and for a better future for the planet and all its creatures

  • Mala and Dhiren Bhatia planted 5 bountiful trees

    May God rest his soul in peace and give the family courage to bear this loss.

  • Madhu and Mohan Javeri planted 10 bountiful trees

    May God rest his soul in peace. 🙏

  • Raghav Sharma planted 10 bountiful trees

    Janak Uncle, may you rest in peace. We look to carry on your love and tradition of environmental care and thoughtfulness. Learned so much from you growing up and will miss our conversations.

  • Nayana and Sushil Shah planted 50 bountiful trees

    Janak .not only as my elder brother you were everything for me ..I looked at you as my mentor.. you will be missed by all the family and certainly remembered for your kindness and wisdom.

  • Sudha Shah

    Janak, you kept the family so well-connected in your own gentle, caring and thoughtful way with calls, messages, photographs and Facebook posts. You also kept a wider circle of extended family, friends and followers up to date on the many subjects you were so passionate and knowledgable about—subjects ranging from technology to nutrition to the environment. You will be deeply missed by one and all!

  • Karan

    Janak kaka, I will miss you. I have many fond memories of childhood Diwalis and holidays in Ahmedabad with Dadi, the rest of the family and you. You brought them back so many years later by painstakingly finding and sharing old pictures with family. Your thirst for all sorts of knowledge, intellectual curiosity, love of nature and integrity will always be remembered.

  • Deepak&kashmira Ghai planted 10 bountiful trees

    Janakbhai will be greatly missed but his warmth,kindness and gentle spirit will be remembered forever.We will always cherish the beautiful memories of Janakbhai.

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