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Ravnita Shah
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Plant in this grove - Trees for Tigers®, Similipal National Park, Odisha, India.

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Family & Friends 10 Congratulations on successfully completing graduation in midwifery programme 17 May 2015

Congratulations to Ravnita on successfully completing graduation in Midwifery (Nursing)..! Programme. It's grand achievement and calls for patients, dedication, courage and will to complete education in record period after a long break.    

17 May 2015
NAYANA & SUSHIL SHAH 10 congratulations ! we admire and appreciate your determination and wish you a very successful carrier. 17 May 2015
Karan, Sudha and Pradip 5 Congratulations on your great accomplishment. As you help in bringing joy to parents, may you have great joy and fulfilment in your car 18 May 2015
Chetan 5 23 May 2015

Many congratulations to my darling wife. All your hard work and sacrifices have paid off, am very happy and extremely proud. To start studying, especially after a successful career is not easy and not only you completed the course but thoroughly enjoyed it in the process. Hats off to your determination. All the very best in your career for the future, am sure you will succeed and enjoy it as well.

23 May 2015

Shah Family has started a grove for Ravnita’s graduation in midwifery programmel. You can go and write a personalized message and congratulate Ravnita on the Grove Page before July 31, 2015 (convocation date).

NOT REQUIRED TO PLANT TREES; however, you have to gowww.Grow-Trees.com, click on Sign-in on the top, then fill your email address and password, click again, then go to Log-In, fill up email and password again, then go tohttps://www.grow-trees.com/grove/ravnita-shah-graduation-in-midwifery-programme and write your message and click

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