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Raghav Rastogi
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ShajaR-e-ShaayaR (Rusty's Grove)

In memory of Raghav (Rusty) who believed in spreading love, laughter and positivism for making the world a better place.
Here's our little attempt to make this Earth greener and a better place to live!
Love- Rusty's Clan

Plant in this grove - Trees for Tigers®, Similipal National Park, Odisha, India.

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By Friends & Family  For the man whose memories we behold, whose virtues we extol; Whose name is etched in our hearts, whose thoughts touched our Soul. 09 Mar 2022
Vidushi Rastogi Happy Birthday! Such a hugh void in our life and our heart. But I am happy when I recall you I just you standing and smiling. 09 Mar 2022
Rajul Agarwal In loving memory of a dear friend 09 Mar 2022
Rusty's Alter Ego Happy Birthday... Rustam-e-Hind :) Mehfilon ki Jaan, Tu yaaron di Jind! ❤️❤️ #MissingYouYaara 09 Mar 2022
Rakesh Chhibber Great initiative to remember someone, who was always concerned about our mother earth. One of the nicest person I have ever met.. Happ 09 Mar 2022
Greeshma S To Raghav, A great boss & kind human being.. !! 09 Mar 2022
sandip A great initiative to remember someone who was as calm as mother earth and always made sure to think about everyone Happy Birthday to you with our sessions on singing Gazhals ?????? 09 Mar 2022
Sneha Sharma Happy birthday to Raghav Bhaiya! 09 Mar 2022
Pranav Damele I'm sure where you are, you are spreading happiness around you. 09 Mar 2022
Soumita Happy Birthday Raghav!!!! To an amazing poet, a caring colleague and above all a wonderful person. Miss you always.... 09 Mar 2022
Satish Happy birthday bhai. You are always with me in my heart. Missing you a lot.... 09 Mar 2022
Navrit Bhullar In loving memory of a wonderful person and a kind boss. Stay happy Raghav wherever you are! 09 Mar 2022
MITHILA DUKHANDE Raghav, you are deeply missed, No words can express Our Loss. I know wherever you are up there, you are shining bright and spreading sm 09 Mar 2022
Swati Keshari In the memory of Bhaiya 09 Mar 2022
Sumita Very noble idea in the remembrance of a very kind, talented and creative person. Happy Birthday Raghav! 09 Mar 2022
Anuj 09 Mar 2022
Anuj An honest and loving Human being left us so early ..... Void will never be filled.... Always Remain Happy where ever u r .... Raghav ji..... 09 Mar 2022
Suyash Nigam Wishing you a happy birthday Raghav... You will always be in our hearts! 09 Mar 2022
Amar Rastogi Aap yaadon mein hamesha rahoge 09 Mar 2022
Priyanka Jain You were a good soul. I first heard about kumar vishwas from you and then so many more things I must have learned from you. A grand qui 09 Mar 2022
Rishi Yaadoj ki to baat hi nahi karta main. Maana hi nahi kabhi ki tum kahin gaye ho. Ho yahin, pukaarta hun to chale aate ho maanas patal mein - haste muskuraate, kavitaayein kehte, masti karte, sharaarti lehze mein chutkiyaan lete - na chaahte hue bhi has padta hun bas!! Aur bataao fir, kaise hain mijaaz? ??Ho jaaye kuch panktiyaan!! 09 Mar 2022
Prathu, Priyanka, Mann & Enya We all miss you a lot. 09 Mar 2022
Ankita and Manish Sacena And when we are thinking if u..no matter where u are… We’ll look up in the sky to see our shining STAR 09 Mar 2022
Rahul Rustogi Raghav will always be alive in our memories. He gave so much to everyone so it is really nice to take inspiration from him and play a t 09 Mar 2022
Deepshikha In fond memories of the beautiful person and his ever so smiling face. 09 Mar 2022
Atharv, Mansi, SP Nigam, Kokila Happy Birthday Raghav, we are missing you 09 Mar 2022
Tripti Rastogi In the loving memory of brilliant and wonderful brother 09 Mar 2022
Ina Anand Never got to know you personally, but from Neetika shares I know quite about u, we have a common interest- writing ! Will definitely li 09 Mar 2022
Neha Singh Stay Strong Neetika 10 Mar 2022
Vrajesh Dilip Parekh Happy birthday Rusty 10 Mar 2022
Arun 10 Mar 2022
Ayush Gupta Happy Birthday bhaiya !! 10 Mar 2022
Sundeep Tejwani Happy birthday raghav 10 Mar 2022
Ankita Rastogi Garg It is still unbelievable...I remember the times we were kids and the way we used to play whenever I came to your place...still have the 13 Mar 2022
Prajakta Sawant I will forever miss you my friend 16 Mar 2022
Rochak Raghav sir, your small interventions and talks made a huge difference without you knowing. Thank you for those. IET community truly lost a gem. You will be remembered forever. Dear Neetika M'am and Dev, much love and strength to you. 28 Apr 2022
Rochak Langer Rusty sir, you will be remembered forever 28 Apr 2022
Entrapped Forever Hum mein hai Rusty- today, always and forever 28 Apr 2022
Prathu Rastogi Chitthi na koi sandesh, Jane woh kuan sa dash jahan tum chale gaye 28 Apr 2022
Mukesh Chourasia You will always be remembered Raghav! 29 Apr 2022
Adarsh Singh Always in our memories and lives 30 Apr 2022
Vinit Kumar Miss you mere yaar 30 Apr 2022
Venkatesh Srinivasan May these trees flourish as lush as the life our beloved friend lived. 30 Apr 2022
Quizzing Friends In loving memory of an inquisitive friend. 30 Apr 2022
ravi Miss you Rusty 30 Apr 2022
Ravi Sharma Miss you Rusty 30 Apr 2022
Devshri Patidar You will always be missed 30 Apr 2022
Old Friend Miss you Rusty! 30 Apr 2022
Kirti Malviya Raghav Bhaiya, you will always be missed. 30 Apr 2022
Abhimanyu Singh Rusty.... the way of life 30 Apr 2022
Goldy and Kavya You will always in our memories 30 Apr 2022
PG Dude....yaar just not done...tum hamesha aasapas hi rahoge. 30 Apr 2022
Rohan Kapoor For a greener tomorrow in loving memory for our dearest Rusty sir ! 30 Apr 2022
Ashwin Yeotikar Rusty ...we miss you dost...Have some good fond memories of our Bombay fresher batch. Especially the 5 pointer where we used to struggl 01 May 2022
Sayantani Stay strong neetika and love for dev 01 May 2022
Megha singhal In loving memory of my friend Rusty who grows in heart with time 02 May 2022
AB To my shayar dost, just keep rocking in heaven. 02 May 2022
Neeraj 03 May 2022
Neeraj You will be always remembered my dear friend! be happy as always. 03 May 2022
Neeraj Khede In the memory of my friend Raghav 03 May 2022
Nikhil Paranjape Just like these trees, may Dev become a strong, tall and wonderful human being, who would make Rusty proud as he keeps looking down fro 04 May 2022
Vikas Mahto For Raghav the RUSTY. You always remember in our hear and you memories will stays as these plants grows. 07 May 2022
Deepak Gupta In the loving memories of a good human being and my friend Raghav. 08 May 2022
Girdhari Bora Three cheers for you Rusty! Send us a poem through the clouds and winds & I am sure you already are working on CLIMATE CHANGE up there 10 May 2022
anonymous Miss you Friend 11 May 2022
sneh sagar In the loving memory of you Rusty sir 11 May 2022
Jaspreet Singh Dear Rastogi , Rest in Peace , and spread love as always , wherever you are !! 11 May 2022
One last drink ... Cheers to life on planet earth ... 11 May 2022
Friend of Rusty! Rusty was my friend, my brother, my hostel mate, my branch mate and one of the best human being I have ever met! You will always be mis 14 May 2022
Our friend You will always be around us.... 14 May 2022
Kanak You will always be with us... 14 May 2022
Vikas Naidu Thanks for looking after all us. 14 May 2022
Entrapped Forever Remembering you today and always... Lots of love! 16 May 2022

If you plant trees in this Grove, your name along with the number of trees you plant will feature in the certificate that will be sent on May 17, 2022

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