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-Sunita Gadapu Bardhan

Celebrating Som's Life

In memory of our beloved Som.
His constant positivity , his words of encouragement that kept one going and his palpable energy has influenced more people than he’d ever know.
He will always be remembered for the real relations he built with, just about everyone he came across, in today’s virtual world.
Taking his legacy forward, here is a small attempt, to make this world greener, beautiful and happy for all living beings - just how he would like.

Plant in this grove - Trees for Ecotourism™, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India.

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Name of the participant Message Date of contribution
By His Loved Ones You will be cherished till eternity. you are our superstar , our very heart .“Not many leave legacies behind, the rare ones who do, nev 12 Mar 2022
Bibha Basu A 12 Mar 2022
Abi Let perpetual light shine upon him 12 Mar 2022
Geetika & Mohit Your liveliness, values and your kindness will always be remembered. 12 Mar 2022
Nandita Ingawale “The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” 12 Mar 2022
Ramesh Thampi Som bhai, you were my friend, brother and exteded family member. Miss you Som bhai 12 Mar 2022
Abhilash Ramesh Always Miss you Som 12 Mar 2022
Satwik, Anuja & Swayam In loving memory of Som Bhai 12 Mar 2022
Gunnu, Raj, Pooja Dada our fond dada, I know you are watching and blessing us. Keep showering your love and affection to all of us. We love you and we kn 12 Mar 2022
Vivek In memory of a person who was as magnanimous and humble as tree . You touched the lives of everyone who came in touch with you . May yo 12 Mar 2022
Chidanand Aragodi What an amazing person and what a remarkable life. I feel so lucky that I got to know Som. 12 Mar 2022
Sonal Pradhan In loving memory of Som Bhaiya 12 Mar 2022
Shilpi & Tarun In the loving memory of a great human being. Miss you Som Bhaiya. 12 Mar 2022
Binod Som Bhai.. You are like a polestar, guided everyone around you with loads of positivity. You were a great friend, philosopher, guide and younger brother. We will always miss you. 12 Mar 2022
Bidisha Basu Miss you dada 12 Mar 2022
Agam, Manjusha & Venkata Sathyaphani May the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear - How much we all love and miss you and wish that you were here. You may be 12 Mar 2022
Avipsa In the eternal memory of Som who will continue to shine through in everyone's lives just like the sun. 12 Mar 2022
Santhosh Geetha Som, You will be evergreen in our hearts. Your values and morals are remembered n inculcated. 12 Mar 2022
Indra Nath Bardhan Not even single day we feel like you are gone. But the void of not seeing your smile and not hearing your voice is unfathomable. I am s 12 Mar 2022
Kanad & Moumita Mazumdar In loving memory of Som. You'll always be in our Heart 12 Mar 2022
Sumit Mohapatra My evergreen friend, you have planted happiness around, these saplings will nourish in that positivity! 12 Mar 2022
Manjusha 12 Mar 2022
Manjusha H 12 Mar 2022
Sancharini kar Aaj tui neyi but tor sathe spend Kora se din gulo chirotakal amar sathe royilo, abar dekha hobe porer jonme 12 Mar 2022
Trupti & Aditya In loving memory of Som Bhai! Your positivity and kindness will always be remembered. 12 Mar 2022
Smitirupa Mohanty Dear Som Bhai, our heartfelt respects and love to you. You are very much around and always with us. Your ceaseless energy to create a p 12 Mar 2022
Ashish n Preeti Som bhai, l am sure you are in peace near Lord Buddha.We hope you are happy and will be spreading your light wherever you are. 12 Mar 2022
Anupam Sankar 12 Mar 2022
NL Sharma In loving memory. 12 Mar 2022
Sunil Ingawale Som Bhai, One of the purest soul I met...And lost so soon..Miss you dada...Be with us with your evergreen smile...... 12 Mar 2022
Ritesh Kumar Sahai Ritesh 12 Mar 2022
Sweety Srivastava In the memory of Som Bhaiya 12 Mar 2022
Abhinandan Pal In living memory of our dear friend Som 12 Mar 2022
Ankur Som bhai, you were the Charleston person I have ever known.. you will always be missed 12 Mar 2022
Ankur Som bhai, you were the Charmest person I have ever known.. you will always be missed.. 12 Mar 2022
Ankur and vijaya Som bhai, you will always be in our hearts... 12 Mar 2022
Suresh Metla In memory of Som bhai 12 Mar 2022
Babita Mishra In memory of Somji 12 Mar 2022
Neelima Patra Somda you'll always live in our hearts... 12 Mar 2022
Bhargavi&Ajay Miss you, Som ji 🙏 12 Mar 2022
Hemant Kumar In the loving memory of Som bhai 12 Mar 2022
Hari & Swapna In memory of Somji. 12 Mar 2022
Ravikanth Miss you som ji 12 Mar 2022
Tapan Missing you Som… 13 Mar 2022
Saikiran and Sravani Will miss your always positive aura Som bhai. Will miss you 13 Mar 2022
Nilakantha Mohanty Somu you are missed... you will always be there in our hearts and leading us. 13 Mar 2022
Surjeet Will always miss you Som 13 Mar 2022
Surjeet Panda Will miss you Som 13 Mar 2022
Rohini In loving memory of Som.. 13 Mar 2022
BIJO PULIKKOTTIL A real gem of a person who genuinely like to help every person or living thing who comes by his way or deserving it, Will always miss y 13 Mar 2022
Shalini & Jay Somji, Never seen a humble soul like you. Let these trees grow as a testimony to a life lived well. 13 Mar 2022
Deepthi and Sanhita All of us miss you very badly.... 13 Mar 2022
Anita Panda Som, the active member of our society. You work for the society selflessly. You are always there to help people in need. 13 Mar 2022
Basu In loving memory of Som bhai. We miss you. You will always be a shining light that brought joy to the world. 13 Mar 2022
Elisa Satpathy Everyone who knows him, loves him. What an amazing person he was !! He will always be remembered as a lively, caring and kind-hearted p 13 Mar 2022
Phani kumar Be happy wherever you are sir. 14 Mar 2022
Tapas Behera We love you Somnath 14 Mar 2022
Evu, Niharika & Amaresh Missing you a lot Bhai..You were loved by all and will never be forgotten. A piece of our heart is broken but we now have an angel to c 14 Mar 2022
Axresh Patel We all miss you, Som ji 14 Mar 2022
Juhi Lots of strength to u Sunita 14 Mar 2022
Anil, Sowjanya, Samhita In loving memory of Somji 14 Mar 2022
Rachit,Jyoti,Madhukar Som a divine soul with charistmatic personality . You are always in our heart and memories . 14 Mar 2022
Ranu Sharma Somu we miss you 16 Mar 2022
Shobhit Goyal In the living memory of my brother, SOMNATH. May GIF bless your soul. 19 Mar 2022
Debasish Namata Anything for my dear friend Som! Miss you bhai 23 Mar 2022
Jay Miss you dear Somji, We met late in our life but we were very close in the last 4 years, every moments were joyful, positive and though 31 Mar 2022
Sreelata You will always be remembered as the pure soul ! 08 Aug 2022
Monu 08 Aug 2022


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