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-Swati Sinha

Plant in this grove - Trees for Ecotourism™, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India.

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Name of the participant Message Date of contribution
By her Loved Ones  You will be Loved and Remembered Till Eternity  05 May 2022
Swati 05 May 2022
Suchita Agrawal I am really grateful for this...Thanks Ma’am 05 May 2022
Shweta ❤️ 05 May 2022
Divya Tangri 4 plants for the four peaceful souls ,from their little one :) 05 May 2022
Yaminee Patel Go green, breathe clean. Happy to be a part of this. 05 May 2022
Sakshi Tangri 05 May 2022
Abhishek May the air add some breath and life. In your memory 05 May 2022
Puja Happy to be the part of it 05 May 2022
Manavi Singh Happy to be a part of this great initiative, trees for our future, for our generations to come :) 05 May 2022
Santosh Tiwary Maa...paa.. tum hamesha rahoge. 05 May 2022
Priyanka Agrawal To us and our future generations..in your loving memory❤️ 05 May 2022
Ranjani Thanks for this wonderful opp 05 May 2022
Smriti In the memory of our beloved. You will be loved till eternity ❣️ 05 May 2022
Kashish Valeja, Sushil, Rianna valeja 3 plants from our family for this Noble cause 05 May 2022
Jaideep Chowdhary ❤️❤️ 05 May 2022
Anupam With deepest regards..... 05 May 2022
Swati Sharma Mother nature,keep blessings all of us 06 May 2022
Dushyant Chopra ॐ शांति 06 May 2022
Sanjay Trees represents God's channel of Blessings to Everyone. May all beings be happy, healthy, wise and live in abundance. 06 May 2022
Rajiv Shukla Let’s make a green earth 06 May 2022
Anupama U r an inspiration for all of us Aunty.. love u 06 May 2022
Faizan Ahmed Hashmi Good initiative. 06 May 2022
Sapna Planting a hope for future. Love this initiative ❤️ 06 May 2022
Parul Awasthi Planting a life that’ll stay forever 06 May 2022
Ashutosh Bharadwaj ❤️ 06 May 2022
Seema Hiranandani Let’s Save the environment for our loved ones and Entire world 06 May 2022
Binita Sharma Remembering your wonderful mother and wishing you comfort. May the roots of this tree spread strong and grow deep, just as her love did 06 May 2022
Vaibhav Kant Adarsh You may be gone from our sight but you are never gone from ours heart Aunty. 🙏 06 May 2022
Saurabh Makkar A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s just like the shadow from a tree on a harsh sunny day... 08 May 2022
Hanuman Prasad Nand Kishore Singhania & Family A small gift to dharti maa. Jai Hind! 10 Jun 2022

She lived, loved and spread so much happiness in her life time, that the only way to to remember her is love and spread as much happiness as possible.

This grove is to commemorate her memories and spread some more love


If You contribute towards the grove, your name and message will be added here in the Participants list.

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