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Sasank & Himabindh
Sasank & Himabindh Name of the Recipient
-Sasank and Hima Bindh

SasiHima Parinayam

On the eve of our marriage, we have decided to humbly contribute, along with you, towards a worthy cause. What else would be more fulfilling and needed at this hour more than planting trees within our capacities. With the help of the organisation Grow-Trees, working in collaboration with the United Nations, we could plant a grove full of trees together. And this is to invite you to become our Planting Partners.

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Thank you and Loads of Love.

Plant in this grove - Trees for Ecotourism™, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India.

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Participants List

Name of the participant Message Date of contribution
By SasiHima May you always give each other love and affection selflessly, just as these trees give flowers and fruit to all living beings! 26 Dec 2021
HimaBindh VKB Congrats 27 Jan 2022
Celestial Lydia Thank you ! 27 Jan 2022
Bhaskar Doddi Save nature.. Not money 29 Jan 2022
Srihas Maroju 31 Jan 2022
srihas 31 Jan 2022
Nishita Mohta Wish both of you sweet souls a life full of affection, respect and adventure ❤ 02 Feb 2022
yeshwanth kolli Wish you a happy married life :) 02 Feb 2022
Supriya S Happy wedding anniversary and very much happy to be as a part of this initiative 02 Feb 2022
T H Blessings and wishing you a happy married life. 03 Feb 2022
A. Raghavendra Many congratulations on entering a new chapter in life together. 03 Feb 2022
Vikram & Vijetha Happy married Life Hima and Shashank... Wish your Love and happiness grow together like these plants.... 03 Feb 2022
Chetan Beeravelli Wish you the best darling. 03 Feb 2022
Archita Goyal Congratulations you guys!!! Sending lots of love and good vibes your way. Have a beautiful life together!!! ❤❤❤ 03 Feb 2022

If you plant trees in this Grove, your name along with the number of trees you plant will feature in the certificate that will be sent on February 11, 2022

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