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-Suneel Gupta

Plant in this grove - Trees for Ecotourism™, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India.

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By Suneel Gupta To Dear Departed Friend. Will miss your Simplicity. 22 Jul 2022
Somesh Nigam Vineet.. Thanks for your kindness. Will miss you buddy - Somesh 22 Jul 2022
Santanu Dutt Vineet. This will continue to live after your departure. Miss you 22 Jul 2022
Sangeet Live forever Vineet in our memories 22 Jul 2022
Sangeet Oswal Live forever Vineet Pangtey IITK Batch 1979-1984 22 Jul 2022
Vivek Kamra Good bye my friend 22 Jul 2022
Brajesh Pande Love is what you were, are, and get Vineet my friend. 22 Jul 2022
Brajesh 22 Jul 2022
Rajnish Rohatgi Live forever, Dear Vineet 22 Jul 2022
Anil Jha Vineet.. Your kind spirit will always live in our hearts - Anil Jha 23 Jul 2022
Ashish Srivastava Vineet - you will always live on our hearts as a very caring, jovial and ever helpful buddy. 23 Jul 2022
Indu Bhushan Choudhary You will always remain in our hearts 23 Jul 2022
Sandeep Mahajan Vineet Pandey, you will always be in our memory. 23 Jul 2022
Poe Brother Pangtey, thanks for the good times! 23 Jul 2022
Upendra Maheshwari Enjoy wherever you are my friend 26 Jul 2022
SHAILENDRA MALHOTRA Goodbye friend. Your simplicity will always remain in our hearts.. 30 Jul 2022
Rambaboo Gupta You will always remain in our memory 03 Aug 2022

If you plant trees in this Grove, your name along with the number of trees you plant will feature in the certificate that will be sent on August 06, 2022

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