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was born in Surat and brought up in Mumbai Santacruz west in a highly respected family. As a medical student, her academic carrier was remarkable, as narrated to me by her mother. She married me in 1978 and since then became part of Shah Family. She worked in Ajman Hospital and helped them establish Department of Anesthesia and also practised medicine in OPD. She showed her passion for planting plants and herbs even in Sharjah where I distinctly remember in the year 1980 she made a small net house in our rented bungalow and grew tomatoes in the sandy soil of the desert. After coming back to India, she retired from her profession and full time looked after gardening and planting various flowering plants in our garden. In our Shah Family farm house at Rancharda, Ahmedabad, she again showed her great interest in planting tover 400 stumps of teak wood trees with help of our children and caretaker; today the trees that have survived are over 40 -50 feet tall. A simple personality never interested in make-up or any form of fashion, she had the reading habit and read fiction novels, and was also very fond of art work and did lots of painting, embroidery, knitting and such art work. She was truly a multi-skill personality. She spent with me 43 years of fulfilling life and left me suddenly without any suffering on 27th October 2022. This Grove in her memory is created to cherish her passion for plants and trees by me and my family.

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SUSHIL SHAH FAMILY 69 A tribute to my wife as true tree lover and HAVING passion for plANTING TREES and Flowering PlaNTS. 26 Oct 2023
Pradip Shah 31 Oct 2023
Sudha and Pradip Shah 25 She was a warm and caring person! We miss her 04 Nov 2023

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