• TreeCertificate® Delivery Date - April 02, 2018
  • You can plant trees till - April 02, 2018
  • Started by - Sameer Ramakant Prabhu
  • Location - Trees for Tribals, Nimbhora, Maharashtra, India
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  • GO GREEN VASUNDHARA planted 10 bountiful trees

    VISION : To help create a sustainable GREEN environment thereby enriching the lives of living beings on the planet - now and forever Mission :- To plant the long lived trees around the world on continuous basis which are compatible with the local environment and ensure their maintenance for initial 3 years.

  • Rita Singh planted 10 bountiful trees

    On occassion of your Birthday, Rajesh i would like to gift you by taking this initiative of sensitizing the world about planting trees and making our Mother earth green. These trees will be planted in the tribal areas of Maharshtra to support their livelihood and preservation of forest and wildlife.

  • Harshi Prashant Shah planted 25 bountiful trees

    Spread the love with smile on this planet

  • Asha Kamath planted 10 bountiful trees

    Late Anant Kamath, 25 years have passed since you left us for heavenly abode but we still miss you and remember your birthday i.e. 21st Jan. This year, on the occassion of your birthday, I wish to plant 10 trees in your memory. These trees are planted in rural area of Maharashtra. It will not only benefit forest wildlife and tribal people but also help to protect Vasundhara.

  • Dinesh Shetty planted 10 bountiful trees

    For Birthday of Sister

  • Atharv Ashar planted a bountiful tree

    A chance to give back.....

  • Jayanti sawant planted a bountiful tree

    Will be part of the project .

  • Minal Bhosale planted 2 bountiful trees

  • Rumana Siddiquei planted 6 bountiful trees

    Each tree we plant is a SADQA E JAARIYA-An unending charity & good deed counted till infinity as whoever sits in its shade, whoever eats its fruits, animals that feed on its leaves & branches all give us BLESSINGS hence even after our death we keep being BLESSED & OUR GOOD DEEDS KEEP ADDING INTO OUR ACCOUNT.

  • Sangeeta Mehra planted 30 bountiful trees

    From Khalid and Sangeeta, seeking blessings from Mother Nature for a cleaner and healthier tomorrow.

  • Ritesh and Sheetal Shah planted 5 bountiful trees

    On our marriage anniversary we both (Ritesh and Sheetal) want to give our mother earth a small gift of five trees. Nature! give us the air what we breathing. So, to reciprocating we both are donating five trees as small gesture towards mother earth.

  • Aliya planted 5 bountiful trees

    Birthday is special hence would like to give a special gift to Mr Sameer on his birthday……… A gift that will last lifetime…

  • Anjali(Gayatri) Prabhu planted 10 bountiful trees

    Wishing you Many many happy returns of the day with loads of Love,Health and Happiness!!! Seeking blessings from Mother nature for a greener life today,tomorrow and always.

  • Santosh Gawde planted a bountiful tree

    Happy Birthday Sameer R Prabhu

  • Aarna & Viraj planted 2 bountiful trees

    Wish you Very Happy Birthday Sameer Uncle... Looking forward for a greener country with this great initiative...

  • Customs Colony Kids group, Andheri East Mumbai planted 25 bountiful trees

    1 tree each is planted at Nimbhora,Maharashtra on behalf of Kids gang which comprises of Kashika Shetty,Shivakshi Shetty,Shaurya Saikumar,Sambuddha Das,Akanksha Das,Trisha Thekkayil,Shreya Thekkayil,Diksha Giri,Jaden Fernandes,Yash Gawde,Fabin Gladstone,Rishika Bose,Hridaan Bose,Srevalli Verma,Nidhi Suraj,Niya Gawde,,Nakshatra Gandhi,Soumya Saikumar,Samruddhi Wadekar,Krishnali Prabhu,Viraj Agarwal,Rudr Raj,Yuan Samant, Nina Braganza,Aarna Agarwal. This is our service towards the mother earth( Vasundhara)

  • Sameer Prabhu planted 2 bountiful trees

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday.. keep doing this good work towards mother nature and keep inspiring us

  • Customs colony Kids Group, Andheri East,Mumbai planted a bountiful tree

    1 tree is planted at Nimbhora,Maharashtra on behalf of Sai Cahudhari who is part of Kids group at Andheri Eat,Marol Mumbai.This is our service towards the mother earth( Vasundhara)

  • Sunil planted 6 bountiful trees

    In remembrance of Tommy

  • Amala Tendolkar planted 25 bountiful trees

    Trees are a wonderful gift of God and Mother Nature. I am planting these trees as a gift to my parents to express my love and gratitude to them.

  • YASHASHREE & PRADNYA planted 16 bountiful trees

    Nature nutures us, so our share in her selfless nuture.

  • Pandharinath Prabhu planted 5 bountiful trees

    On the occasion of my birthday a gift to the Mother Earth...

  • Customs colony kids group andheri east Mumbai planted 2 bountiful trees

    1 tree each is planted at Nimbhora,Maharashtra on behalf of Tejas Nishant and Aarush Dwivedi who are part of Kids group at Andheri East , Marol Mumbai.This is our service towards the mother earth( Vasundhara)

  • Aasha kamath planted 3 bountiful trees

    On the occasion of birthday of my son in law. All the best GO GREEN VASUNDHARA.

  • Anuja Dwivedi planted 15 bountiful trees

    On my son's 15 birthday,I wish him to grow up like a tree and be a giver. Wishing him to plant thousands of trees in his lifetime and make this earth a better one for generations to come.

  • Dispreet Singh planted 2 bountiful trees

    I am Dispreet Singh studying in 10th Std. According to me, cutting the trees means death for human beings and planting the trees means life.Hence I am planting the tress for the human beings including me to live and not to die.

  • Pradeep Anchan planted 35 bountiful trees

    A gift to mother 🌏 Earth for On behalf of Pradeep my best friend cum brother On account of his birthday ,bless him with the long life with health wealth and happiness forever . 35 years = 35 trees in Karnataka Pradeeps birthplace And thanks Go green Vasundhara for giving this medium for contributing to Mother Earth to Pradeep

  • Abhijit Jadhav planted 100 bountiful trees

  • HEMANGINI VED /Parag Ved planted 19 bountiful trees

    This anniversary , we decided.to.return the Love and care ,to.our.precious Mother...Mother Earth which had nurtured n loved.us unconditionally for all these years.Felt that instead of spending on.movies and shopping or.buying gifts ,why.not.use the same money on something that will sustain and.give food n employment to people who are not.as blessed as we are in terms.of fulfilling Their basic needs. This is the best gift so far anybody can give which will continue giving.returns.For years.to come.

  • Manish planted 10 bountiful trees

    Best wishes. Go Green !!

  • Dispreet Singh planted 2 bountiful trees

    I am Dispreet Singh studying in 10th Std. I gifted 2 trees few days back. I am here again to gift 2 more trees on the ocassion of Valentine's day. Happy Valentin'es day..

  • Ayush Nabera planted 10 bountiful trees

  • Ayush Nabera

    Great initiative

  • Ayush Nabera

    This valentine..lets spread smiles by planting trees..which will help a lot of people in many ways. Lets be a small part in transforming lives #transforminglives #spreadingsmiles

  • Dahyalal Pandya planted 52 bountiful trees

    My Parent gave me a

  • ATHARVA , PRADEEP planted 10 bountiful trees


  • Aarya Deshmukh planted 10 bountiful trees

    Love mother Earth.. let's preserve the nature.. we owe a lot to our mother nature

  • Fatema Saifee planted 5 bountiful trees

    Grow Green 😊😊

  • I gifted 12 trees to my husband Mr Sandiip on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Small contribution towards Go Green Campaign.

  • Leena Kulkarni planted 10 bountiful trees

    A Very Happy Birthday Pappa!

  • Harshendra Sardesai planted 10 bountiful trees

    Go Green Vasundhara

  • Shalva Swati Anand planted 100 bountiful trees

    Long live Vasundhara

  • Nija Mehta planted 40 bountiful trees

    Bless Mother Earth

  • Krishnali Prabhu planted 5 bountiful trees

    Happy Birthday Viraj. May god bless you with loads of happiness. I am gifting 5 trees on the ocassion of your birthday.

  • GO GREEN VASUNDHARA planted 5 bountiful trees

    GO GREEN VASUNDHARA is gifting 5 tress today on the ocassion of International Womens day. Tree plantation is as a respect to the WOMEN community who has been contributing a lot for thousands of years during the evolution of this planet and still continuing. Happy Womens Day.

  • Pallavi for her mother Mangala Waghmare planted 10 bountiful trees

    Hi Aai , these 10 trees are for the most wonderful woman in my life my Mom- Mangala Waghmare. Happy Women's Day

  • Anish Shah planted 10 bountiful trees

    For the love of Mother Earth

  • Pranavi Menon planted 10 bountiful trees

    A green cover on planet Earth is far better than a digital cover. Let's connect each other with greenery rather than mobile networks.

  • Jyoti Maladkar planted 51 bountiful trees

    Green is life.

  • Amit Patil. Prita Patil. Archit Patil. Ravindra Patil. Anuradha Patil planted 5 bountiful trees

    Save our mother nature

  • Gayatri and Chandrashekar planted 10 bountiful trees

    This is a great social innovation. I hope that future generations can enjoy the forests that we create

  • Jayati Dutta planted 15 bountiful trees

    For you mother

  • Rajanish Natu planted 100 bountiful trees

    Bhadresh please count me in for the Nimbhora afforestation drive. I would like to contribute towards 100 trees.

  • Elias (Elie) Alphanso planted a bountiful tree

    Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race...

  • GIRISH MEHTA planted 100 bountiful trees

    Let the earth thrive - in memory of my parents

  • Chaitanya Shah planted 100 bountiful trees

    In Memory of Loving Mom

  • Nirmala planted a bountiful tree

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now- Chinese Proverb

  • Ajay & Savita planted 5 bountiful trees

    Happy Marriage Anniversary

  • Satish Mishra planted a bountiful tree

    For the ‘Mother EARTH' and her children !

  • Bhargavi Nitin planted a bountiful tree


  • Gopalakrishnan Kolathu planted 10 bountiful trees

  • Ritu Puri planted a bountiful tree

    Smallest contributions paving way for a sustainable future - Each one, plant one.

  • Amruth Pns planted a bountiful tree

    Green Tree

  • Hasti shah planted 10 bountiful trees

    Let's make April cool by planting trees then making April fool

  • Bhoomi Mewada planted 2 bountiful trees

    Let's go green...!!

  • sameer u dighe planted a bountiful tree

    start with one tree at a time

  • Vinit Shah planted 20 bountiful trees

    This is a great initiative and will benefit for generations to come.

  • SHASHWATI GOSWAMI planted 2 bountiful trees

  • Priti Naik from U.K. planted 68 bountiful trees

    Happy 68th Birthday Dearest Baba

  • Saara najmi planted 2 bountiful trees

    It's beautiful to seen greenery and even more beautiful that you plant it and watch it grow .

  • Debin Abraham planted a bountiful tree

    Let's make a difference in our society we live.

  • Sujal Takkar planted a bountiful tree

  • Mrs pooja vipul shah planted a bountiful tree

    spread love thru trees

  • Mrs pooja shah planted a bountiful tree

    thank u god

  • Mrs pooja vipul shah

    i hv recvd mail fr planting 5 trees but my ac shows only 3 ...n msgs show only 2...pls updt all 5

  • RK Dixit Mitali Dixit Anita Dixit Pallavi Dixit Lokesh Bojan planted 5 bountiful trees

    Go green mother Earth

  • Sireesha Dasaka planted 4 bountiful trees

    Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu

  • Mala Prakash planted 5 bountiful trees

  • Archna Aggarwal planted 5 bountiful trees

    Thank U for planting the trees

  • Balakrishna Ananthasubbaraya planted a bountiful tree

  • Amol Deepak Sakre planted 10 bountiful trees

    Go Green and Breathe Healthy

  • Rita Nanda planted 10 bountiful trees

    In memory of Anil Nanda who left for his heavenly abode on 17 June 2014

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