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Trees for Rural Communities, Kheda, Gujarat, India

Project Adopted by Blue Dart Express Ltd FY 2017-18

Project Purpose:

Trees for Rural Communities


Villages of Kheda district, Gujarat, India


Kheda district is situated in the central Gujarat. The area is characterized by moderate rainfall (700 mm - 800 mm) and moderate temperature variations. Majority of the community in the district consists of small and marginal farmers. The landless farmers meet their livelihood need from wage labour (agriculture). Due to increased population over the period, the land holdings per household have decreased dramatically. In this situation, village commons play a crucial role for grazing the livestock. Village commons are situated on the banks of River Mahi and thus susceptible to land degradation.

Mahi riverbank area in Kheda district, characterized by undulating topography, loose and sandy-to-sandy loam soil type and the absence of vegetative cover, has been affected by deep and continuous ravines which have originated near the River Mahi and make inroads into the nearby lands with every monsoon. The massive erosion along both the banks of River Mahi has led to the formation of ravines affecting 70-80 thousand hectares of land along 107 villages.

To arrest the massive erosion, it is necessary to undertake various soil and water conservation measures along with revegetation of the area with grass, shrubs and tree species. Besides providing wage employment to the poor families and fulfilling fodder and fuel wood needs to some extent, such afforestation measures would bring the degraded land into productive vegetative cover.

We plan to undertake the planting of 36,000 saplings of local species on the village common lands which would improve the vegetation outside the forest area to supplement the biomass needs of the local community.

Flora & Fauna:

The tree species planted here include khair, sitaphal, beheda, parpaliya, jambu, sadad, limbda and goras aamli

The bird and animal species found here include the lesser florican, hare, sloth bear, sarus crane, black-necked stork

Adoption Summary:

Name of the Company Number of Trees Adopted Year
Blue Dart Express Ltd 36,000 trees FY 2017-18
Landmark Group 26,000 trees FY 2016-17