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Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Chemicals Limited

Established in 1939, Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) is currently the second largest producer of soda ash in the world with manufacturing facilities in India, UK, Kenya and USA. It is India’s leading Crop Nutrients player and market leader in the branded, iodised salt segment.

To develop more sustainable products, it has set up the TCL Innovation Centre in Pune, India, to promote world-class R&D in the areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology. TCL has also invested in a Centre for Agriculture & Technology (CAT) at Aligarh to provide advice on farming practices in general and crop nutrition practices and solutions in particular. The company has also joined hands with Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Ltd (TLL), Singapore for development of jatropha seedlings and agronomic practices.

The company has also developed its Mithapur salt works as a natural habitat for thousands of migratory birds.

Tata Chemicals’ Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) nurtures rural populations in and around its facilities, and helps people achieve self-sufficiency in natural resource management, livelihood support through self-help groups and the building of health and education infrastructure. TCL and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) are working on a conservation project that will create awareness and undertake research to save the endangered species of the Whale Shark that visits the coastal shores of Gujarat.

The impact of the tsunami on the coastal areas of South and South-east Asian countries in December 2004, resulted in an initiative called "Mangroves for Future (MFF)" being formed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the UN, with a goal to conserve and restore the coastal ecosystems as key assets which support human well-being and security in the Indian Ocean Region. This initiative focuses on the restoration of coastal ecosystems in six countries viz. India, Indonesia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maldives. The program is being implemented through a network of partners including government agencies, NGOs, research institutes, UN agencies and corporate organizations. As a member of this network, TCL has taken up the work of restoring, in a phased manner, the mangroves, and eventually, the ecological balance in the Dwarka region of Gujarat. Plantation of 52,400 mangrove saplings on 30 acres of inter-tidal mud flats has already been completed.

TCL is our partner for the phase of this project to plant 50,000 mangrove saplings over 50 acres at the famous Rukshmani temple creek site at Dwarka, Gujarat and for the project in the Periphery of the Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal.