Common Name Arjuna
Botanical Name Terminalia Arjuna
Species  :  Terminalia Arjuna
Other Names  :  White Marudah, White Murdh, Arjuna Myrobalan
Hindi Names  :  Arjuna, Sadad, Arjun
Terminalia arjuna, commonly known as arjuna is a large, deciduous tree, usually has a buttressed trunk, and forms a wide canopy at the crown, from which branches drop downwards. The arjuna tree is usually found growing on river banks or near dry river beds in West Bengal and south and central India. It is an evergreen tree with yellow flowers and conical leaves. The arjun tree is one of the species whose leaves are fed on by the Antheraea paphia moth which produces the tassar silk (tussah), a wild silk of commercial importance.
The arjun tree was introduced into Ayurveda as a treatment for heart disease. It is traditionally prepared as a milk decoction. It has many health benefits, some of which are listed below:- 

- Anti-inflammatory properties: The Arjun tree bark has anti-inflammatory properties which act anti-inflammatory agents.

- Controls cholesterol: Studies have shown that Arjuna tree is effective in bringing down LDL cholesterol levels.

- Keeps diabetes in check: Extracts from Arjun tree bark were very effective in controlling diabetes, concluding Arjuna to be a potent diabetes reducing agent.

- Treats asthma: The Arjuna tree bark can be very effective in the treatment of asthma. Fine powder of the dried bark must be taken with kheer or rice and milk pudding.

- Fractures and other injuries: The powdered dry bark of Arjun tree can be taken along with honey to restore strength to fractured bones.

Arjun Tea is a herbal, caffeine-free tea made from the bark of arjuna tree. The tea is useful for almost every other health problem. Arjuna helps maintain a healthy heart and reduces the effects of stress and nervousness. It induces a drug-dependent decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. Arjuna can also relieve symptomatic complaints of essential hypertension such as giddiness, insomnia, lassitude, headache and the inability to concentrate. 
Its wood is used in boat and house building as it is very hard. Its wood is also used in the making of the agricultural implements and weapons too. It is grown in the cities and towns for the purpose of shade. 

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