Common Name Siris
Botanical Name Albizia Lebbeck
Species  :  Albizia lebbek
Other Names  :  Lebbek Tree / Flea Tree /woman’s tongue tree / Siris /- Albizzia Lebbek
Hindi Names  :  Siris, shirish, Saras




Albizia lebbek is a tree well known in the Indian subcontinent for its range of uses. It appears to have potential for increasing pastoral production in extensive systems in the wet-dry tropics where the major problem is low feed quality of the basal diet, mature tropical grasses.


Albizia lebbeck addresses this problem in three ways: as a feed, as a supplement and by improving grass quality. A medium to large tree, of multi-stemmed widely spreading habit (to 30 m diameter) when grown in the open, but capable of good log form in plantation.
It is a nitrogen-fixing tree, with value for shade, quality hardwood (cabinet, veneer, construction), fuel-wood and charcoal, and honey (source of nectar and pollen). The extensive, shallow root system makes it a good soil binder and suited to soil conservation and erosion control.  Various parts of the tree are used in folk remedies for many ailments. 


It is also used as an ornamental and avenue tree, and sometimes as a shade tree in coffee and tea.  The bark contains saponins and tannins, used for making soap and in tanning, respectively.


 A. lebbeck is grown in some areas primarily as fodder for camels, water buffalo and cattle. The leaves are reported to be good fodder, with 17-26% crude protein; 100 kg of leaves yield 11-12 kg of digestible protein, and 37 kg of digestible carbohydrates.

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