Common Name Oak Phalat
Botanical Name Quercus spp.
Trees up to 20 m tall. Branchlets glabrous. Petiole 1-3 cm; leaf blade obovate to oblong-elliptic, 6-13 × 2-5.5 cm, often wider apically from the middle, leathery, abaxially often becoming pruinous and with prostrate white simple or scalelike hairs but glabrescent, adaxially glabrous, base rounded to broadly cuneate, margin apical 1/2 remotely serrate, apex acuminate to somewhat caudate; secondary veins 9-13 on each side of midvein; tertiary veins abaxially inconspicuous.
Infructescences 1.5-3 cm, with 2 or 3 fruits. Cupule bowl-shaped, 6-8 mm × 0.9-1.4 cm, enclosing 1/3-1/2 of the nut, outside white puberulent or glabrous, inside white sericeous; bracts in 5 or 6 rings, crowded, margin entire or denticulate. Nut ovoid, oblong-ovoid, or ellipsoid, 1-1.6 × 0.9-1.4 cm, glabrous or rarely hairy; scar ca. 5 mm in diam., flat or slightly convex. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Oct.

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