Common Name Teak
Botanical Name Tectona grandis


Species  :  Tectona Grandis
Other Names  :  Teak, Indian Oak,
Hindi Names  :  Sagaun


Teak (Hindi name - Sagun) is tall evergreen tree. It has yellowish blonde to reddish brown wood. It attains the height of about 30 meter.Teak will survive and grow under a wide range of climatic and edaphic conditions. It grows best in a warm, moist, tropical climate with a significant difference between dry and wet seasons. It is a pioneer species, but with a long life span. The fruit is a drupe. It has bluish to white flowers.  Teak timber fetches very high price because of its grain, colour and strength. The very name of the tree translates into Carpenters Pride and is one of the most sought after timber in Indian market.

It is used in the furniture making, boat decks and for indoor flooring. It is widely used to make the doors and house windows. It is resistant to the attack of termites. Its wood contains scented oil which is the repellent to insects. The leaves yield the dye which is used to colour the clothes and edible. Teak is probably the best protected commercial species in the world. Mature teak fetches a very good price. It is grown extensively by forest departments of different states in forest areas. Teak's high oil content, strong tensile strength and tight grain makes it particularly suitable for outdoor furniture applications.  Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish.

Teak also holds medicinal value. The bark is bitter tonic and is considered useful in fever. It is also useful in headache and stomach problems. Digestion may be enhanced by the teak wood or bark.

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