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Belinda Wright, Tiger Conservationist and Wildlife Campaigner

I was delighted when I inadvertently stumbled upon your website a few days ago.Since then I have "planted" a number of trees for friends' birthdays, and have got a lot of interested feed back.
I wish you continued success with your wonderful tree planting project.

Dilip Cherian, Image Guru and Co-Founder, Perfect Relations

Dilip Cherian has planted trees to honor friends on their birthdays."For years I have been beheading flowers and then adding to our carbon footprint by having them delivered. Its been a pleasure to discover the more sane option. Everyone who has received tree-certificates as greetings actually thinks I have invented the idea – and is happily copying! So more power to Grow -Trees.com and lets help the green march resonate!"

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Krishnan Krishnamoorthy, Functional Consultant, Logica

Logica has planted trees with Grow-Trees for employees. I led a team of volunteers to assist with the planting in the 2012 monsoons. It was a unique experience. The satisfaction and the contentment at the end of the day was exhilarating; it is a happiness that words cannot express. Everything added up - the joy of community that we shared with everyone - villagers, the volunteers, the ZP members, the Panchayat members, Para workers, the children, Grow-Trees.com members, the co-ordinators and of course, Nature. It was out of passion and self-interest that drove us to plant trees. All the team members who participated in this initiative, displayed their commitment and dedication to the cause of environment. We have planted on behalf of each addition of employee who have joined us. It was well organized, professionally managed and a scientifically planned activity. The initiative also helped us gain effective information about Indian Rural Life and methods to safeguard common lands. This taught us the inter-linkage of forest and agriculture and how it can be used for economic and sustainable development. We got to interact with the villagers and were very much inspired by their dedication towards the environment. The satisfaction of planting trees, economic development of the area, and adding a smile to the community was what we took back and we intend to carry on this legacy. I would definitely recommend Grow-Trees to others.

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Pratik Singhi, CEO, Lakshya Consulting

I always wanted do something for the environment, but it was more or less confined only to thoughts. Until Grow-Trees came along, that is. I have used Grow-Trees extensively for both personal and professional purposes – to gift trees to family members on their birthdays, to commemorate the initiation of a new client relationship, to welcome onboard new employees, to congratulate the achievement of a colleague and also to offer condolence to the wife and family of a untimely deceased childhood friend. Irrespective of the purpose of the gift, the response that I have received clearly is an indicator of the strong impact this simple action of online tree-plantation has made on the minds, nay heart, of the recipient. Thank you, Grow-Trees, for making an impact on SO many lives!! Please keep up the good show!

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