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Meghna Goyal, Summer Somewhere

As a consciousfashion brand, it is extremely important to us that we make it easier for our customers to give back to the environment. We have partnered with Grow-Trees to enable our customers to join us in our goal to help recover endangered ecosystems. With every purchase of ourreusabletote bag, we plant a tree with Grow-Trees on their behalf. The team is super helpful in making sure we're able to make this process as seamless as possible. We look forward to this being a long-term partnership.

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MUNIR KULAVOOR, Founder & Coach ExploRunner

We love the concept of Grow Trees and we have utilised their services to reward our athletes for adherence to training. Aishwarya from operations has been of great help in processing the rewards in bulk thereby saving us considerable time and effort. Moreover our athletes find great deal of satisfaction in this very unique gift for their efforts. We want to achieve the goal of increasing attendance in our workout sessions with this association with Grow Trees and inturn achieve 500 trees by Aug 2021!

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Dr. Jayashree Bhakay Director & Dr. Madhumita Patil I/C Director, CIMR, Mumbai.

The concept of sapling certificate of "Grow-Trees" has worked very well in our Institute. We have felicitated all our International and National level guests who visited the campus for several events conducted by the institute, by the sapling certificate. This initiative of ours has been appreciated by them as well. "Grow-Trees" as an organization is helping us in reducing our carbon footprints and at Chetana we are spreading the message of the importance of tree plantation through "Greet with Trees®" idea.

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Mr.Deep Kalra, CEO, MakeMyTrip

“We partnered with GrowTrees in 2019 for our afforestation projects in Sikkim and Uttarakhand, and have successfully planted 1 lac native species of trees. This will contribute towards supporting the fragile ecosystem of these mountainous regions and also provide additional livelihood opportunities for the local communities.
We have also been actively using the eTreeCertificates™ from Grow-Trees as a way to felicitate our guests and wish our employees on their birthdays. This has been very well received, and added a sense of pride in all of them!”

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Dr. Elizabeth Abba, Associate  Professor, Xavier School of Sustainability, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

“Blessed are you who sow. Every seed you so plant, will grow into bountiful crops for great harvest.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita. Teachers are working to make the world a better place to live by developing students into changemakers. The idea of gifting a plant by a teacher to a student shows a step towards a sustainable future.

Kanak Hirani, Julahas

As an ethical fashion brand, I am greatly aware of the harmful impact that fashion has on the environment. That awareness, combined with my brand's fundamental values of sustainability was one of the reasons why I partnered with Grow-Trees.com to launch my One for One campaign last year. I wanted to commit to making a difference to the environment in which my brand exists and Grow-Trees made that easy for me to do.
For every Cape purchased onwww.julahas.com, we plant a tree in the name of our customer and send them an e-TreeCertificate™ to show them where their tree is planted. Many have expressed the desire to visit their tree and we hope that through our collective efforts, we are slowly able to build a forest — for us and our future generations.

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Shri M R Gopal, Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD), Lucknow

Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD), Lucknow an autonomous ‘Learning Centre’ promoted by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has initiated various steps to make our 43 acre sprawling campus as green. The lush green campus of BIRD evokes all the finer senses and sensibilities of a person and provides most conducive atmosphere for learning. The innovation of Grow-Trees towards sustainability of clean environment has energized our initiatives. Over last 3 years, in various occasions we have felicitated our delegates across globe by providing “eTreeCertificates” which planted trees in various parts of India. We appreciate the innovation of Grow-Trees to save our nature.

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Neelanjana Saji, Bajaj Finance Limited

It is evident when you speak to Grow-Trees that their dedication to the cause is far larger than any contracts or payments. Secondly, their focus on nurturing and ensuring that trees planted survive helps build the confidence that any efforts you’ve put in will be largely rewarding. Grow-Trees made our strive towards a greener planet, to protect it for our future generations a joy.

Aakash Mehta, Marketing, Sanofi India limited

It is said that ‘Two mature trees can provide enough Oxygen annually, to support a family of four’
This has been our second collaboration with Grow-Trees & we have planted close to 16500 non-allergenic trees across the 2 projects as a part of our ‘#ReSolutionAgainstPollution campaign! It is truly satisfying to collaborate with this social enterprise to do our bit for the environment by supporting the key projects across the country. I appreciate the fact that Grow-trees not only focuses on making the globe greener but also on supporting the under privileged communities who benefit from the produce! The strict auditing seals our trust for this enterprise! Keep doing the good work!

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Samik Rakshit, pi Ventures

piVentures as an organization are deeply concerned about the adverse impacts on the environment and hence in all our events, we ensure to use biodegradable materials, materials which are not harmful to the environment. We found an equally concerned partner in Grow-trees.com. Together we so far have planted ~1.5k trees across various locations in India in the last year. This is just the beginning for us. I appreciate their effort and encourage them to continue their endeavor in good cause. Thanks to the super-efficient team as well in executing the plan.

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Mr. Akshay Bhattacharjeem (Monthly Planter)

I'm very happy to have been given the honor to write a testimonial for Grow-trees.
After seeing the devastating effects of climate change in the last couple of years, I pledgedto donate to Grow-Trees.com in order to make this world a better place.
The thing that caught myeye with Grow-trees is that it is Partnered up with WWF, UNEP, other foundations and is recognized by the government as well. The organization does not just plant any trees but makes sure the trees are native to the specific area and also involves the locals. Moreover, I am able to see the plots of land where the trees have been planted, a counter for amount of Carbon Dioxide that has been reduced and the number of jobs that were created due to my contribution. I strongly believe that we all can make a difference by contributing monthly towards the many projects like trees for wildlife, trees for the rural communities, trees for the Himalayas and so on.
My message to everyone reading this testimonial would be to start contributing today as every tree counts!
Your contributions will definitely go a long way and secure a better future for everyone.

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Ms. Rakhi Panda, Regional Director, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)

“Today when the entire world is facing global warming with global temperatures rising, glaciers at the Arctic circle melting at an increasing rate, bush fires engulfing the world’s lungs- Amazon Rainforests, it’s a climate catastrophe of paramount proportions. It’s an emergency and there need to be more and more trees that need to be planted, apart from all other measures that need to be taken and what better way to contribute to this cause than Grow-treeswho help us achieve this even by hailing from the challenges of the cities we live in with no vacant space to plant trees. Grow-trees is a noble way of contributing to the world’s green cover. Every time we have felicitated someone with this certificate, they have only expressed happiness.”

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