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Neelanjana Saji, Bajaj Finance Limited

It is evident when you speak to Grow-Trees that their dedication to the cause is far larger than any contracts or payments. Secondly, their focus on nurturing and ensuring that trees planted survive helps build the confidence that any efforts you’ve put in will be largely rewarding. Grow-Trees made our strive towards a greener planet, to protect it for our future generations a joy.

Aakash Mehta, Marketing, Sanofi India limited

It is said that ‘Two mature trees can provide enough Oxygen annually, to support a family of four’
This has been our second collaboration with Grow-Trees & we have planted close to 16500 non-allergenic trees across the 2 projects as a part of our ‘#ReSolutionAgainstPollution campaign! It is truly satisfying to collaborate with this social enterprise to do our bit for the environment by supporting the key projects across the country. I appreciate the fact that Grow-trees not only focuses on making the globe greener but also on supporting the under privileged communities who benefit from the produce! The strict auditing seals our trust for this enterprise! Keep doing the good work!

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Samik Rakshit, pi Ventures

piVentures as an organization are deeply concerned about the adverse impacts on the environment and hence in all our events, we ensure to use biodegradable materials, materials which are not harmful to the environment. We found an equally concerned partner in Grow-trees.com. Together we so far have planted ~1.5k trees across various locations in India in the last year. This is just the beginning for us. I appreciate their effort and encourage them to continue their endeavor in good cause. Thanks to the super-efficient team as well in executing the plan.

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Mr. Akshay Bhattacharjeem (Monthly Planter)

I'm very happy to have been given the honor to write a testimonial for Grow-trees.
After seeing the devastating effects of climate change in the last couple of years, I pledgedto donate to Grow-Trees.com in order to make this world a better place.
The thing that caught myeye with Grow-trees is that it is Partnered up with WWF, UNEP, other foundations and is recognized by the government as well. The organization does not just plant any trees but makes sure the trees are native to the specific area and also involves the locals. Moreover, I am able to see the plots of land where the trees have been planted, a counter for amount of Carbon Dioxide that has been reduced and the number of jobs that were created due to my contribution. I strongly believe that we all can make a difference by contributing monthly towards the many projects like trees for wildlife™, trees for the rural communities, trees for the Himalayas and so on.
My message to everyone reading this testimonial would be to start contributing today as every tree counts!
Your contributions will definitely go a long way and secure a better future for everyone.

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Ms. Rakhi Panda, Regional Director, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)

“Today when the entire world is facing global warming with global temperatures rising, glaciers at the Arctic circle melting at an increasing rate, bush fires engulfing the world’s lungs- Amazon Rainforests, it’s a climate catastrophe of paramount proportions. It’s an emergency and there need to be more and more trees that need to be planted, apart from all other measures that need to be taken and what better way to contribute to this cause than Grow-treeswho help us achieve this even by hailing from the challenges of the cities we live in with no vacant space to plant trees. Grow-trees is a noble way of contributing to the world’s green cover. Every time we have felicitated someone with this certificate, they have only expressed happiness.”

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We were delighted when we got to know about your website a few years back, Since then I have "planted" a number of trees for our investors, and have got a lot of interesting positive feedback.
NIIF wishes you continued success with your wonderful tree planting project.
All the best and keep continuing the good work.

NK Realtors

We have developed a great association with Grow-Trees. Their client handling & support is amazing. We are happy with the execution of the projects taken up by us. We strongly suggest Grow-Trees to anyone who is looking for the kind of service provided by them.

Nitish Bhimjiyani

Action speaks louder than words. Everyone says and shares the importance of planting trees but very few actually plant the trees. planting is not enough, nurturing tress is also important. In today's time even if we are willing to we cant reach out to plant trees and nurture them,that's where Grow-Trees create a difference in the world during the climate emergency we are facing. instead of paying high prices of the bouquet on any occasion we plant trees with Grow-Trees and it gives kind of satisfaction that we are contributing a small thing to nature.

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Mrs. S. Lele Headmistress Cathedral & John Connon Infant School

The Cathedral & John Connon Infant School, Mumbai has been connecting withgrow-trees.comsince past 3 years. This connection has helped the young children to develop a greater understanding of the environment and has given them the power to take action by planting more trees on a regular basis. The certificates are very attractive and motivating and the children look forward to receiving them online.
The Grow-Trees.complatform is extremely user-friendly and easy tonavigate. The reach is far and wide as one can easily plant trees in any part of the country from the comfort of their home. It offers thoughtful and mindful choices that one can choose from. This innovative initiate truly supports thegreen cause as there is no paper involved in the whole process.It is indeed a very unique project by grow-trees! Keep up the good work.

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida.

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
― William Shakespeare
Very rightly said! what could be a better way than Planting a Tree. At Jaipuria Institute of Management, we have taken this initiative and we greet, welcome, honor and recognize with a Green Certificate. This is the best option to make people more aware of the environment. Telling them about the environment and their contribution to making Earth the best Place to live.

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It was a nice experience planting trees with Grow-Trees.

Shweta Jalan, MD, Advent India PE Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Grow-Trees.com is a unique initiative that has made the struggle in making our planet greener so effortless.As an eco-conscious organisation, Advent supports this project wholeheartedly.
Gifting 10 trees which symbolizes the 10thyear anniversary to our Guests was greatly appreciated by them.
Thank you, Grow-Trees, and carry on doing a good job!

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