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Ankita Mishra, Product Manager, Glenmark Pharma

First of all I would, like to thank you and your team, the kind of noble initiative you are continuing since years.

The kind of support I have got from you is amazing which has helped me to communicate to my team without any chaos and of course because of that our campaign was successful overall.

Coming to my customers feedback, they have really appreciated and liked the Grow-Trees concept, they have in fact asked if they can see their plantation and after seeing their name and plantation location on the certificate, they are really amazed and positive to continue with such kind of initiatives.

Thanks a Ton again for all your support.

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Anand GCP, Head-Corporate Marketing, Blue Star Infotech

We send out year-end gifts to all our clients globally as an appreciation for the relationship, association we have with them. While planning for gifts this year, we thought of doing something different, more meaningful which will be our contribution to the larger society, and not just to an individual. We got in touch with Grow-Trees and they helped us to plant trees in honour of our clients. We received huge applaud from our clients for this noble gesture. They were excited to receive the gift certificates and many of them wrote back to us appreciating the initiative.

We thank Grow-Trees, it provides an excellent platform to show your concern towards the environment in your own way.

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Satish Khanna, Valmax Corporate Services

Tree plantation is a noble cause that I decided to use it as birthday gift to my close friends. We, at some stage in life start valuing gifts more for their intrinsic and not their commercial value. Conventional gifts, normally become more of what we already have.

Gifting Trees to business associates and friends, which I do, I find is environment friendly gift that also enhances global cause and is highly appreciated by the recipients.

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Susrita Sen, Corporate Marketing & Communication, Sonata Software Limited

We were looking for a unique gifting experience for our clients when Grow-Trees came along. Planting trees and investing in our planet is the best gift one could give. Ever since it’s been a great initiative and nurturing the chain of green gifting. Customers have loved and appreciated the gesture.

The service from Grow-Trees.com Team is exemplary making the entire gifting process seamless and easy.

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Mr. Gourav Sharma, Chapter Manager, YPO Delhi

Grow-Trees.com are doing a exemplary job of keeping our planet green and I sincerely thank you and your team for choosing us to be part of this great initiative.

Mr. Manoj Kabre, Vice President, Indo-US MIM

Indo-MIM, in its social commitment and gesture has always believed in giving back to the society. Mother Nature has definitely been our priority and we could not find a better partner than Grow-Trees.com, when we wanted to do a project in this regard. What I personally like about Grow-Trees.com, is its structured and systematic approach as well as action, that allows you to see for yourselves, the 'fruits of the seeds sown by you’.

My heartiest compliments to Mr. Pradip Shah and his team at Grow-Trees.com to help spread their wings across the globe. We have been spreading news about this contribution to all our customers and suppliers, in addition to our employees, so that it inspires them to come forward and do such contribution.

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Patrycja Zbierska, Department of Communication, Sociedad Geográfica de las Indias

In Sociedad Geográfica de las Indias we have been planting trees with Grow-Trees.com for almost 5 years on behalf of our clients travelling to India.

As a travel agency we are aware of the environmental impact caused by tourism and we deeply support this organization´s way to reduce this damage. It is also an added value that our travelers appreciate enormously.

We are proud to know that thanks to Grow-Trees.com, whenever someone travels with us, India becomes greener.

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Akhilesh Chandra Chaturvedi, Principal, Delhi Public School, Nagpur

As we all know that Green stands for harmony and growth.

We live in a world where people crave to see greenery and breathe fresh air. Mankind is experiencing the harmful effects of natural imbalance.

Everybody understands the significance of greenery and hopes that imbalance should be repaired. But, the bigger question is who will take the lead.

I appreciate the initiatives of your organization and through your website Grow-Trees.com, I call upon all the public at large to plant atleast one tree on an occasion of celebration. We are enjoying the fruits of trees planted by someone else. It is our turn to reciprocate. Don’t look back. Decide now. It will be a decision you will never regret.

We have also planted saplings inside our premises. Our staff and students actively participate in this initiative.

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Rubina Bembi, CSR Manager, Diageo India Pvt.Ltd.

Grow-Trees has been an innovative and amazing association with things getting done online so easily. I congratulate their team for helping us do our bit for the environment. The recipients of the certificates were thrilled with posts on the office intranet gushing about ‘the brilliant initiative’.

Grow-Trees helped many of us at DIAGEO to adopt the habit of gifting trees to family and friends. I laud their efforts and wish them great success. It is services like theirs which will help create a world where the environment will no longer need protecting.

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Vishal Shukla, Senior Manager, Firstsource Solutions Limited

It has always been a part of my upbringing to give things back to nature what we get from it and the fact that modernisation is sweeping away nature day in day out always worried me.

I am not sure that how much of the current nature would be available for our future generations and I fear that the way we carry mobile phones our future generations might be carrying oxygen cylinders and hence the inner side of me always wanted to do something for the nature and more importantly for future generations.

The premier drawback of living a fast lifestyle in a city like Mumbai is that you want to do too many things but would never find time to do them. I first heard about Grow-Trees through our annual Joy of Giving CSR event at Firstsource. I liked the idea a lot because while the ideal way to participate would be to actually grow a tree and tend to it till maturity, we do not have such opportunities in modern urban life. So, the method of planting trees through Grow-Trees comes closest to that experience, I guess.

I will introduce this concept to my little son someday, but have already done it with my pals and colleagues who have planted 100s of trees through this medium. I wish you the very best in all your efforts and hope you expand to more and more states in India and ensure that the least we give our future generation is a clean air to breathe.

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Mahesh Kumar P, Inside Sales Engineer, IMI CCI

We came to know about Grow-Trees.com through one of our colleagues. Based on his recommendation, I had gone through the website and found Grow-Trees is engaged in doing lot of planting activities in various part of India, to retain our natural resources & ecological system. Also, I noticed that they had created the attention of many of the leading companies in India for this activity. So, I discussed with my Reach-out team and everybody showed their interest to join hands with Grow-Trees. We had a telephone and mail discussion with Grow-Trees Team to understand more about Grow-Trees.

As an individual or a company you can plant a tree through their website and get a certificate from Grow-Trees.com. You can also gift the planted tree to any of your friends/colleagues/visitors/customers/suppliers on special occasions. We from IMI CCI planted trees through their website and also planted saplings at Nakkalapalli village in Bagepalli-chelur road, Chintamani district in Karnataka. Also, Grow-Trees.com has a wonderful relation with some of the local social groups like FES & others, who can coordinate for your planting day visit. We, as IMI CCI employees felt really happy for joining hands with Grow-Trees Team and we look forward to working with them.

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Mr. Nainish Parekh

Grow-Trees.com has become my outstanding sources for conveying my greetings.As school and college friends as also colleagues get spread across the world, how does one say hello to themonce in a way?

For the past three years, I have conveyed Two thousand greetings through Grow-Trees.com. In the process planted nearly Ten thousand trees directly. Friends have planted many trees in return receiprocating friendship.This way we remainined in touch.

The great achievement of planting nearly Nine lac trees by Grow-trees.com is just a start of an ever lasting journey. Grow-Trees team is compact, dedicated and effective in mission. I look forward to a continuing association in their achievements.

I believe investment in Trees can get one best returns ever and Grow-Trees plays a key role in communities spread in various parts of India.

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