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Nitish Bhimjiyani

Action speaks louder than words. Everyone says and shares the importance of planting trees but very few actually plant the trees. planting is not enough, nurturing tress is also important. In today's time even if we are willing to we cant reach out to plant trees and nurture them,that's where Grow-Trees create a difference in the world during the climate emergency we are facing. instead of paying high prices of the bouquet on any occasion we plant trees with Grow-Trees and it gives kind of satisfaction that we are contributing a small thing to nature.

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Mrs. S. Lele Headmistress Cathedral & John Connon Infant School

The Cathedral & John Connon Infant School, Mumbai has been connecting withgrow-trees.comsince past 3 years. This connection has helped the young children to develop a greater understanding of the environment and has given them the power to take action by planting more trees on a regular basis. The certificates are very attractive and motivating and the children look forward to receiving them online.
The Grow-Trees.complatform is extremely user-friendly and easy tonavigate. The reach is far and wide as one can easily plant trees in any part of the country from the comfort of their home. It offers thoughtful and mindful choices that one can choose from. This innovative initiate truly supports thegreen cause as there is no paper involved in the whole process.It is indeed a very unique project by grow-trees! Keep up the good work.

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida.

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
― William Shakespeare
Very rightly said! what could be a better way than Planting a Tree. At Jaipuria Institute of Management, we have taken this initiative and we greet, welcome, honor and recognize with a Green Certificate. This is the best option to make people more aware of the environment. Telling them about the environment and their contribution to making Earth the best Place to live.

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It was a nice experience planting trees with Grow-Trees.

Shweta Jalan, MD, Advent India PE Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Grow-Trees.com is a unique initiative that has made the struggle in making our planet greener so effortless.As an eco-conscious organisation, Advent supports this project wholeheartedly.
Gifting 10 trees which symbolizes the 10thyear anniversary to our Guests was greatly appreciated by them.
Thank you, Grow-Trees, and carry on doing a good job!

Gopi Venkataraman

I wanted to gift something meaningful for someone’s wedding. I thought a planting a grove of trees would be a perfect gift. As two young people grow together through their marriage so would the trees planted in their name. They will also receive blessings from recipient farmer & his family who will get benefit. I felt good that I am not giving someone more stuff (which they may not even want), but a gift that will live on. It was so simple to make this gift throughGrow Trees. The process took less than 10 minutes. I could choose a template for the gift certificate and customise the message. Most importantly, the couple loved it!

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Indian Chamber of Commerce

ICC took a step forward towards green initiative at our 5thBanking Summit 2019, Mumbai. we felicitated ourSpeakerswith Tree certificates. We areThankful to grow trees for helping us make our planet a greener place to live.This is one of the most novel and noblest deeds you are doing on behalf of us.we appreciate the efforts of Grow-Trees for giving us an online platform for tree plantation. Even our speakers appreciated the Grow-Trees initiative.

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Luthra & Luthra Law

The Grow-Trees is the one place where the money given creates an outcome you can see.

Dopolgy Dope

Our association with Grow Trees came in when we wanted to plant 100 trees on the first anniversary of Dopolgy. Ganesh from Grow trees team made sure we accomplished this very seamlessly. With each of the trees being named after our customers, Grow trees helped us choose the project and also send personalized certificates to our customers. We had a super happy and a green celebration. This sure is a start of many projects we look to collaborate with Grow trees. Lets paint the world Green!

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Sarika Potnis, Employee Experience Manager, Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI)

How proud & inspired would you feel if 2 trees are planted on your behalf & you geta a personalized Tree E-certificate in your Mailbox? As an Employee Experience Manager, I feel proud to come up with this idea of getting 2 trees planted on behalf of each candidate schedule to join our unit (Consumer, Media & Technology) at LTI. Our vision of making LTI a cool place to work is in line with this cause of making the world a cool place to stay and this could be possible only with the help of GROW-TREES who helped us convert our vision into reality.

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Saumya lohani

" When I join groups to plant a sapling in public land, I know it deep down only few will sustain to see another year. But I do plant hoping at least few will survive, its better than not doing anything. I kept planting for last few years and the only thing that is surviving today are beautiful pictures and memories. I dont know about the trees.. I moved.... But, I always knew in my heart that there is a BUT.. there has always been... Thanks to Grow trees. I knew the saplings I planted virtually has not only turned into a healthy grownup trees, helped children reach school, bought smiles, a new school book, a full meal, a dry rainy night, a warm winter. I now know there is no BUT... Thank you!!! "

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Mr. Anuj Agarwal Chief Operating Officer ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth

“We at ICICIFoundationconstantly work on having a sustainable world and focus on creating sustainable livelihood. Protecting our precious environment is important in today’s world, and we constantly participate in Tree Plantation activity across the country. In line with this concern for environment and to augment our efforts on Tree Plantation, we are proud to be associated with Grow-Trees, an institution providing valuable service through a socially sustainable business model, tackling the problem related to environmental degradation by promoting reforestation. In our effort to support environment friendly practices, and to promote sustainability, we have replaced traditional mementos and souvenirs at events, with Tree certificates from Grow Trees, an initiative widely appreciated.”

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