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Dopolgy Dope

Our association with Grow Trees came in when we wanted to plant 100 trees on the first anniversary of Dopolgy. Ganesh from Grow trees team made sure we accomplished this very seamlessly. With each of the trees being named after our customers, Grow trees helped us choose the project and also send personalized certificates to our customers. We had a super happy and a green celebration. This sure is a start of many projects we look to collaborate with Grow trees. Lets paint the world Green!

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Sarika Potnis, Employee Experience Manager, Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI)

How proud & inspired would you feel if 2 trees are planted on your behalf & you geta a personalized Tree E-certificate in your Mailbox? As an Employee Experience Manager, I feel proud to come up with this idea of getting 2 trees planted on behalf of each candidate schedule to join our unit (Consumer, Media & Technology) at LTI. Our vision of making LTI a cool place to work is in line with this cause of making the world a cool place to stay and this could be possible only with the help of GROW-TREES who helped us convert our vision into reality.

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Saumya lohani

" When I join groups to plant a sapling in public land, I know it deep down only few will sustain to see another year. But I do plant hoping at least few will survive, its better than not doing anything. I kept planting for last few years and the only thing that is surviving today are beautiful pictures and memories. I dont know about the trees.. I moved.... But, I always knew in my heart that there is a BUT.. there has always been... Thanks to Grow trees. I knew the saplings I planted virtually has not only turned into a healthy grownup trees, helped children reach school, bought smiles, a new school book, a full meal, a dry rainy night, a warm winter. I now know there is no BUT... Thank you!!! "

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Mr. Anuj Agarwal Chief Operating Officer ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth

“We at ICICIFoundationconstantly work on having a sustainable world and focus on creating sustainable livelihood. Protecting our precious environment is important in today’s world, and we constantly participate in Tree Plantation activity across the country. In line with this concern for environment and to augment our efforts on Tree Plantation, we are proud to be associated with Grow-Trees, an institution providing valuable service through a socially sustainable business model, tackling the problem related to environmental degradation by promoting reforestation. In our effort to support environment friendly practices, and to promote sustainability, we have replaced traditional mementos and souvenirs at events, with Tree certificates from Grow Trees, an initiative widely appreciated.”

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Rakesh Bhutoria, CEO, Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited

"When Mr. Pradip Shah, Co-founder and Director of Grow-Trees.com reached out to me, I was immediately intrigued to know more! The idea of being able to contribute to sustainable community development and job creation is extremely relevant today. I am also happy to share that through this initiative Srei has been part of the journey of planting trees and impacting the environment meaningfully. Wishing Grow-Trees.com the best for their future endeavours!"

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Amulya Mica (Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd.) Rakesh Agarwal,Managing Director

Go Green so there will be tomorrow; this is what we all believe at Amulya Mica right from its inception and Grow-Trees has become a very effective medium to achieve this objective. A healthy green earth is a biggest gift, a beautiful habit and a most valuable treasure that we can leave for our children's tomorrow. We wish all the luck and our best wishes to Grow-Trees which has been instrumental in helping corporate like us to achieve their green objectives and save the planet. Keep up the good work Grow-Trees Team.

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Dia Mirza

Celebrating occasions has become so much more meaningful for me personally because I get to do so now with Grow-Trees! The gift of nature to loved loves is the greatest gift one can share. And I am truly grateful for this opportunity to Grow-Trees that aid in conservation, empower livelihoods and contribute to a healthy future.

Mr. Puran Parekh, CEO & MD - iASYS Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I sincerely applaud the effort of Grow-Trees.com that has made it so easy for so many people to participate in making our planet greener. Grow Trees are doing a great job of forestation along with providing employment to Rural Folks.
Gifting trees to our Guests at our Inauguration Event on their visit was a refreshing change for them. Guests found tree plantation to be a symbolic and emotionally rewarding experience.
Thank you, Grow-Trees, and keep doing a good job!

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Ruchi Razdan Head of Business Development - K LAW (KRISHNAMURTHY & Co)

There is an old saying that if you want to leave a legacy, plant a tree. Krishnamurthy & Co has been associated with Grow-Trees for the last 5 years and it has brought immense joy to those that we have honoured with these bountiful trees. It has been a very rewarding experience for us and a rare occasion where we feel both a benefactor as well as a beneficiary of these magnificent green spans.


We at Beyonder Experiences, a travel management company, were long concerned about the environmental impact (carbon footprint mainly) of our tours. Most of our clients are environment conscious and this has prompted our efforts towards becoming a sustainability focussed and responsible travel company.
Grow-trees through its commendable efforts, was thus, a natural partner for Beyonder in its efforts to neutralise, at least partially, the carbon footprint of our tours. To this end, we plant trees on behalf of our guests - roughly equalling the carbon impact of their travel.
We have partnered with Grow-trees for more than a year now and the feedback from all of our guests has been extremely enthusiastic!
- Srinivasa Shenoy

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Ajay Kulkarni

“When it comes to Welcoming Dignitaries at My Plant there is nothing quite like a “Grow Trees Certificate.” Grow Trees are doing a great job of aforestation along with providing employment to Rural Folks , have a fantastic & user friendly website with easy payment gateway. One can show ones creativity by designing the certificate suitable for occasion. I have special words of praise for the friendly & helpful .Tracking ones tree through “Locate Tree” option is simply great. I have done away with practice of giving flower bouquets to visitors as bouquets are exorbitantly costly and serve some purpose only during Photo Op, then probably head for dustbin unlike the trees planted which would serve at least one lifetime!!! friendly & helpfulpeople."

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Naresh Mittal

Grow-Trees gave me a much desired platform to execute my deepest desire and commitment to give our mother earth its most graceful attire... THE TREES. I thank their commitment to help Earth loving people like me a channel to contribute.
Thanks to the good team of Grow-Trees.com.

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