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Soham Srivastava, Digital Marketing- Asst. Manager, Muthoot Group

My overall experience of planting the 104 saplings in Sariska Tiger Reserve was quite amazing. As someone who has spent limited time in India and has even lesser experience with life in the countryside, this trip was like a chilled breeze in a desert for me. I had actually gone on behalf of My company, The Muthoot Group, to carry out a social initiative which we had started on social media. Although my trip to Alwar was a bit haphazard and misguided, I had no regrets once I reached the location. Upon reaching the venue we were taken to the field where we would be planting the saplings. The nursery where these saplings were raised also happened to be located in the same patch of land. Grow-Trees.com had done a great job in maintaining the nursery and ensuring that the saplings had a successful growth rate. The variety of saplings available in the nursery was also quite extensive; it had all the plants which would be needed to create a well balanced eco-system once the saplings grew into full grown trees. The representatives there were quite informed and educated on the topic and were able to give satisfactory responses to all of our queries. I’m glad those individuals are looking after the saplings we have planted as they are genuinely passionate about conserving the environment, as should we. I would highly recommend Grow-Trees.com to all other corporates not only for what they do, but also for their high standard of professional & moral conduct.

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Manan Choksi, Executive Director, Udgam School for Children

For time and again I have heard the phrase “plant a tree” but I have never seen anybody do it in action. I thought that if every year even if 1% of Indian population would plant trees then we would have about 100 crore trees in 10 years. Then I went in to the details that why people don’t grow trees and I found out some startling facts. First you need land, then you need knowledge and lastly you need about 6 month efforts on growing a tree to a particular size. In a metro city its impossible to find either of this. The most upsetting point is that once you plant a tree and its grows for about a year there is government regulation on cutting it. So people don’t plant trees in a fear that they may be not allowed to cut. Then came a website called www.grow-trees.com. This made tree planting at a click of a button. I loved it. Directly or indirectly I have influenced about 4000 tree plantations. I am very happy about it. The best part is, many people whom I have gifted trees have inturn started gifting others. This proves that they have loved the gift.

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Belinda Wright, Tiger Conservationist and Wildlife Campaigner

I was delighted when I inadvertently stumbled upon your website a few days ago.Since then I have "planted" a number of trees for friends' birthdays, and have got a lot of interested feed back.
I wish you continued success with your wonderful tree planting project.

Dilip Cherian, Image Guru and Co-Founder, Perfect Relations

Dilip Cherian has planted trees to honor friends on their birthdays."For years I have been beheading flowers and then adding to our carbon footprint by having them delivered. Its been a pleasure to discover the more sane option. Everyone who has received tree-certificates as greetings actually thinks I have invented the idea – and is happily copying! So more power to Grow -Trees.com and lets help the green march resonate!"

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